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What are some good easy songs to play on acoustic guitar?

Asked by lanahopple (455points) October 10th, 2009


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Everydoby Hurts – REM
You’ve got her in your pocket – White Stripes
Many Green Day songs…
And of course everyones favourite song for beginners; Seven Nation Army – White Stripes

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That Megadeth song everyone raves about
The one that goes “Off to never never land” or something

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cool thanx… but i doubt that there are any easy Grateful Dead songs on acoustic?

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Have a look at some guitar tab sites and see what they have to offer, Ultimate Guitar have a selection and many are just in Chord format so you can have a play around on your own ^^

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:) thank you

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My pleasure ^^

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all my little ducklings

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Bad Moon Rising by CCR
D-A-G (just to get you started. Just those chords)

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hurt by johnny cash, everlong by the foo fighters, wish you were here by Pink Floyd.

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Walk Away Ben Harper

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Casey Jones is easy Dead song : C-driving my train,F-high on cocaine,G-casey jones ya,F-better,C-watch,G-your,C-speed. Cheat version.

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@hartford3 Welcome to Fluther!

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Whiskey in the jar , Twinkle twinkle little star and other childrens songs .

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The easiest song ever: “Lady in Black” by the Uriah Heap
The second easiest song ever: “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry

Both can be played using only 2 chords. Once you learn them, you can move on to basic 3-chord rock n’ roll tunes (your run-of-the-mill Presleys will do fine) and folk songs, Dylan ballads etc. Stick to strumming for now, arpeggios are tougher and I’d leave them for later, once your left hand is ready.

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