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Use of Wireless Headset - is it safe?

Asked by victord66 (201points) October 11th, 2009

At the office I use a Plantronics Wireless Headset. I’ve read that long term cellphone use may not be totally safe but what about daily long term use of wireless headsets?

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Have you tried tinfoil? If they make you take of your tinfoil hat at work you could also try getting some money scammed out of you by buying this headset.

However, if you really think a wireless headset is going to be harmful to your body, why not use a regular one with a wire? Working at an office sounds like a deskjob, do you need to move around and be accessible? If not just get a wired headset and save those precious braincells.

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I don’t think so. Haven’t seen any credible studies proving that. I have a NOKIA BH-604 bluetooth headset for my PC. I love it. Cordless life is better.

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There is not enough evidence yet around headsets and Bluetooth devices but there are concerns about cancer and brain tumors because of exposure to microwave radiation.

According to, research conducted to date do not show a direct correlation to cell phone usage. Reseach is being conducted on the effects of microwave radiation:

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I bought one ever since they were available and I got so used to it that I often forgot to take it off before going to bed. If it’s really harmful I’m screwed.

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@Jack_Haas What make and model do you use?

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The Jabra ones. I’ve had 2 and couldn’t be happier. The main difference with all the others on the market is that they are discreet, especially if don’t have short hair, so they don’t stick out like some Star Trek device. Great reliability, good performance, highly recommended.

Can’t find the model number on the piece, sorry. I have a box for a BT 200 but I’m not sure if it’s for the one I have now or the previous one.

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There’s not enough research either way. And most of the long term effects won’t be seen until the technology is around longer.

It’s like that simpsons episode set in the future, where ned is blind. He got lasik eye surgery, and then twenty years later his eyes fell right out of his head!

So, yeah, don’t worry about it. You’ll be in the same boat as everyone else in twenty years anyway.

The boat of eyeless people.

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