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Where can I buy a professional quality (but beginner level) hula hoop in the SF bay area?

Asked by zoe (49points) October 11th, 2009

the upper peninsula would even be better. I want to buy a child’s size as well.

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Do you have a Marin County Professional Hula Hoop License?

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uh… no

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There are beginner hulas?

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beginner hula: no hands.

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I don’t think…there is any such thing as a “beginners” hula hoop!

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@pdworkin She needs to get one. She could get into serious trouble hula hooping with out a license.

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No kidding, try contacting Ringling Bros. or Cirque de Soleil, @zoe. Surely some outfit makes their hoops and perhaps would sell to you. You never know.

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Marin County always wants its share of the loot.

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aren’t they just plastic rings?

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The ones us punters use from Toys R US and the ones circus performers use are probably different.

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