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How should I reattach the soles of my Chacos sandals that have split at the seam, horizontally?

Asked by Falkor (142points) October 11th, 2009

I bought them about 3 or 4 years ago from a sporting goods retailer in St. Louis, Missouri. I do not have the chacos box they came in and I am sure whatever warranty they had, it has long passed. The sandals have not been worn that much, and appear relatively new(the soles are not worn and the straps are still strong). I do not need to replace the whole sole(like the Chacos website offers for $40 or so), just need to glue the two sections of the sole back together on both shoes.

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I’ve never bought a Billy Mays product, but that sounds like a job for Mighty Mend-It! You can fix your parachutes with it too!
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Maybe Shoe Goo? link

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Burn them and buy a pair of sneakers.

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I would send them back to Chacos. That sort of split is a manufacturing defect, and for the price of the sandal, they should hold up better.

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Ok. This may sound strange, because it kinda is.
Go to your local Honda(yes, cars) dealership and buy a tube of Hondabond. About $15. It’s a relatively high VOC, high temp silicone gasket maker used for, well, making gaskets on Honda engines & such. It is the bomb.
After you’ve cleaned off all of the old crap glue from both sole and foot bed apply a thin layer of said Hondabond to the foot bed side. Avoid the straps. Smooth it out with your fingers and stick the sole back on.
I placed mine upside down on a piece of foam rubber and sat a cinder block on them overnight. You may have to trim the soles a bit, as they can stretch some. After that you should be good.
I have tried everything, shoe goo, PVC shower pan liner cement, barge cement. None lasted more than a couple of weeks. But the Hondabond keeps on going after months of abuse so far.
And it’s gotta be Hondabond. Regular old black hi temp silicone gasket maker won’t do. I think Yamaha makes a yamabond which is basically the same.

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