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“My glass was all but empty.” Care to continue this and create your own poem?

Asked by Zen (7738points) October 11th, 2009

It was posted on another question, and made me think that we could use a little poetry here. Come on Flubards (fluther bards), add your three or more lines.

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Empty was all but my glass

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My fast was almost ending.
Almost ending it was, fast.

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My glass was all but empty,
I couldn’t drink another.
And so I came to answer
And have a drunken Fluther.

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And when I drank it down
I thought that it was over
But it was just the beginning
Of toasting you, my fluther.

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My glass was all but empty,
I had to call my mother,
but being quite reluctant
instead I came to Fluther.

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My glass was all but empty
I poured another shot
I know I had a lot of fun
but details? I forgot.

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The hell with the glass,
It’s got no class.
But here’s a poem,
I can call my own:

Had a question,
Went to Fluther.
Got great answers,
Asked another

Questions range from
Simple to complex.
From name that tune,
To having sex.

And for all those things
You’d never ask mother,
Hell, anything goes
At good old Fluther.

A collective we are,
Each a sister or brother.
United we float,
For we are a fluther.

See ya….Gary/wtf .. thanks for the reminder Zen

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@Gary – Lurve it!

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@whatthefluther GREAT! But where’s your signature?

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My glass was all but empty?
No, no, my dear, half-full…very.
The attitude does matter.
Who’s got it always? Gary

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You are such a dear,
To me that is clear.
Thru the smiles and tears,
I know you’ll be near.

I lurve you….Gary

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My glass was all but empty
So I made the decision
to pour another
But instead of that
I came to Fluther
Where Gary and Gail
Rock like no other.
(I know, pretty lame)

whatthefluther's avatar


That is not lame.
Please have no shame.
Hell, you used my name,
So you got game!

See ya….Gary/wtf

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my glass was all but empty
hour by hour, empty glasses casted toward porcelain but never broken
hour by hour, cleaned
hour by hour, dirty
hour by hour cleaned again
revolving from sink to dishwasher to cabinet
and repeating in shards
shards of continuous days at the sink where glasses are both full and empty
dirty or clean.
fill the glass and drink from it
only to be filled again
my glass was all but empty.

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@charliecompany34 Great, but very depressing. Sort of like J. Alfred Prufrock measuirng out his life in teaspoons (or whas it coffee spoons?)

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My glass was all but empty
My life was in the red
My hopes were trodden over
I should have stayed in bed.

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My glass was all but empty
So I threw it across the room.
Now it is empty and broken
I tiptoe over the glass shards.
They cut
...and the glass is no more

I’m feeling angsty this evening.

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@janbb yeah, washing glasses and dishes is so routine and mundane, but that’s basically what the poem is about.

autumn43's avatar

The angst is palpable
I’d throw my own glass
But it’s filled with water
I don’t want to spill

rooeytoo's avatar

My glass was all but empty,
I knew the time had come
to stop the madness for now and ever
to submit to AA’s call.

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My glass is all but empty.
It will not last the night.
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends,
A bottle is in sight.

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This is all I could think of:

My glass was all but empty
I had drank it in one fell swoop
I thought to my self
Well just put it on the shelf
You can drink the rest after you poop

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@Jeruba – Edna St. Vincent Millay lurve!

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My glass was all but empty;
I’m bored with this poem already.

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@Jeruba; Andrew told us (curse him) several years ago that you can sing “The Yellow Rose of Texas” to all of E St. V. Millay’s verses. Try it. The wretched thing works.

Jeruba's avatar

Yes, I do remember that, @gailcalled, but I was trying to forget it.

GQ for @Zen, by the way.

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My glass was all but empty,
Her hand upon my shoulder,
And so I came to see,
That soon our night would smolder

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My glass was all but empty
A refill was desired
But husband gone, child in bed
And I, just too damn tired

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@jeruba, thanks for your mention
That this be a great question, however
I cannot take credit,
And although I don’t dread it
I fear the author might spring an intervention!

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My glass was all but empty.
Watered down in limited, abundant, possibilities.

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My glass was all but empty,
though im not quite sure what that means,
cause it sounds like “everything except empty,”
but sometimes the opposite it seems.

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@ChazMaz Liked that a lot! @Fred931 Good one.

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“But” means “except” in this instance (just as you might say “She invited everyone but me” or “I’m all but finished with my homework”). You’d call it empty, but for (except for) some very small amount that’s left in it.

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My glass was all but empty…
I pondered what that means.
It’s not completely empty,
But even so it seems
That I should pour another
And sink into the couch
As when it comes to vegging out,
I really am no slouch.
I’ll sit here watching AFV
Or Jeopardy instead;
Then I’ll Fluther for awhile
And toddle off to bed.

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My glass was all but empty,
But it is never so in my dreams.
There its full as meant to be,
‘Til reality sucks it dry, it seems.

See ya….Gary/wtf

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Very poignant, @Gary. I guess in one way or another most of us could say that. Some more than others.

Now we’re on our way to the glass half full vs. glass half empty question, I think.

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My glass is all but empty
It wasn’t made of glass
A plastic cup of wonder
Just milk in it, alas

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My glass was all but empty,
Or so it may seem, I am sure.
But lest your eyes deceive you,
‘Tis filled with water, oh so pure!

See ya….Gary/wtf

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How much more demure manure can you endure?

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For you, dear Zen,
It is endless, but from my heart.
But do not fear,
For you, I bid adieu, and part.

See ya….Gary/wtf

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Edit: perhaps the last line should be:

For you, I give a doo and fart!

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My glass was all but empty
my life it felt quite done
inside my mind was screaming
I felt so totally alone.

Then a part of me remembered
those eyes of cobalt blue
arms always willing to hold me
and I knew I still had you.

I pray for a life thats still,
peaceful,quiet and calm
but come what may, I know I’ll stay
forever in your arms.

For my wonderful husband, friend and soulmate

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@bunnygrl Way to join the fluther!

bunnygrl's avatar

<throws hugs for Zen> aw thank you <blushes> and I really do love him that much :-) thank you, I really appreciate your lovely comments xx

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My glass was all but empty
My spirit near the same
As I rail against the ones
Who try to put me in their frame

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My glass was all but empty…
Gas, grass or ass.
Nobody rides for free.

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet, haven’t seen you in ages. I thought you were gone. Welcome back.

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My glass was all but empty.
The iambs bounce along.
With no strict form or meter.
The poem sounds all wrong.

Russell_D_SpacePoet's avatar

@Jeruba When summer is here, I tend to migrate outside and pursue other interest.I still check in from time to time.

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My glass, empty or full , is still my glass.

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No, its my glass!

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“My glass was all but empty”
This it troubled my brain
I reached for my bottle….......

and knocked it over!!
spilled it all over the carpet, oh no!, I really should have concentrated on that action, what a mess, wait till my wife sees this, oh the trouble I’m in, red wine!, I’m so for it….....

I need a drink


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