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Where can I read The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien online?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) October 11th, 2009

I have to read this story for school, but I cannot find it anywhere online. Anyone know where I can find it?

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A book store.

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You have to buy it.

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Let’s take into account that I’m broke and have no car. I’m pretty sure I can find it somewhere online, but I’m not sure that I know the right places to look. So if anyone could HONESTLY help, thanks.

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@chelseababyy have you looked at any book trading sites online?

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@eponymoushipster Nope. I unfortunately need to read it asap. The journal entry I need to do is due at midnight.

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@chelseababyy oh. uhm. have you checked torrents?

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@eponymoushipster Gah, no. Stupid me. I shall check now!

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@chelseababyy yeah, the actual book, audio book or even cliffs notes – maybe.

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@eponymoushipster Well I need like details of characters and stuff :( I THINK I FOUND A TORRENT THOUGH. Hopefully it’s not crap.

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@chelseababyy Check your comment.

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Go to the public library tomorrow and check it out, or see if you can find it at a used bookstore. It’s out in paperback and is a great book to read.

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@PandoraBoxx I need it by tonight. But a few awesome people already lead me in the right direction :] Thank you though. (Plus I don’t have a car to get to a library, haha)

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The book is protected by copyright so the author who wrote it and the publisher who published it get paid for their work. That’s why it’s not in the public domain.

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This maybe a silly question but if you need the book by tonight why have you left tracking it down until this late? Like I said, it may be a silly question….

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i wish i could help. ]:
good luck!
ps i love that book!

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if you lived nearby, I would lend you my copy. Even though you are looking into reading it because of an assignment, I highly recommend reading it because it is a terrific story.

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You may be able to find it on Google Books where you can read a selection of books online. It’s free.

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@floppyballmcduff Not this one. Otherwise a good advise.

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I’ve found a site that contains a portion of the story. However, it’s mainly the beginning. I’m still searching and I’ll keep you updated. Here’s the site:

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