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Do you love the NYC subway or what?

Asked by Zen (7748points) October 14th, 2009

Or the Tube, or the Metro or whatever. Here’s a sample of music played “down under.”

I’m looking for experiences, both positive and negative under the cities.

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I like the subways that are nicely air conditioned in the summer.. the newer trains that make it nearly impossible to miss your stop.

I do not like the older subways with spotty a/c and broken speakers so you can’t hear what the stop is. That’s really bad when you’re trapped in the middle of people and can’t read what the stop is.

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@ everyone: Don’t miss out on the link I posted – the guy can play Sweet Child O’ MIne on the violin like wicked! link

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I can’t watch youtube at work until I take my laptop out lol

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he’s crappy. the first time I came over here when I was 19 my purse was stolen on a nyc subway and it scared me! I don’t take em anymore but I watch all the people on the train out to wheaton in chicago – i went back and listened to the whole thing- he’s pretty good

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@trailsillustrated He’s crappy? I think he’s fucking amazing.

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@O I think he meant the subway is crappy. Yeah, the violinist rocks!

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@Zen Oh. Ok. Yeah, well he looks like he could be smelly though. Good thing he is in the subway, nobody would notice.

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Once when I was on the NYC uptown 6, two guys got on with a boom box. They then proceeded to do the most awesome hip hop / breakdance routine I have ever seen inside a moving train, and I have seen a lot of attempts. Needless to say, I gave them five dollars.

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I’ll take ”...or what?”, please, for a $1000. Bob on a biscuit, the 4/5/6, G, and F lines in NYC get on my nerves. The messed up weekend service… grrr! But then again, everyone else’s undergrounds stop at midnight (or are barely existent, as in LA) while NYC’s is 24/7, so I guess I’ll keep quiet about that now. Australian trains were awesome with their double-decker-ness. The Long Island Railroad has some of those as well. And the trains on the Tube were really small inside the cars. But I never had to buy a paper!

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@aprilsimnel: Bob on a biscuit? ROFL! If I hadn’t already added you, I would have.

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I like that I haven’t had a car payment, paid for gas or insurance, or had a ticket in the last 16 years.

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I dislike the MTA system quite a bit. Recently they raised their prices – but their service is worse than ever. Trains do tend to run close to on time, except late-night. Late-night service just sucks all around. I hate not being able to go to a party in Brooklyn because it’ll take me 4 hours to travel home if I leave at 2 am. Bloody ridiculous. Also, the stations are so incredibly dirty. and it’s not just because of the area, either – I ride the PATH as often as the MTA trains, and they have lovely facilities. And MTA has a very inconvenient system for handicapped and elderly people. Plus, every so often all the turnstiles will decide that my Metrocard is unreadable, and the process to get your money back is awful – you have to mail in the card, and they might mail you back a new one in a month.

I even prefer the Philly system – not the L (too dangerous), but the suburb trains. And we all know what bad public trans Philly has.

@veronasgirl I’ve seen those guys on the uptown A. They are awesome. But generally, it’s the buskers in the stations that I find really impressive.

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Yay NYC subway excluding the G train because its the abandoned foster child of New York for some unknown reason.

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@johnpowell I was going to drop a Neverwhere reference, but damn… beat me.

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I was going to say “What” but @pdworkin beat me to it.

Actually, I rather like the subway in Montreal and the one in Madrid better. They are quieter and cleaner.

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wonders of the modern world.

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The Washington one is very clean; the Montreal one is lovely and has a lot of artwork.

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