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What seems to be the problem with my '94 Toyota Celica?

Asked by floppyballmcduff (10points) October 14th, 2009

I had a new clutch kit put into my Celica about a year ago. However, now it has developed another problem. The symptoms are:
– unable to shift into third gear
– high-pitched whine when driving in second, fourth and fifth gears
– in low gears (one and two), and at low speeds (ie- in a parking lot) something under the hood sounds like it’s loose and rattling… but only at low speeds
– the smell of burning, though not of a fluid. it almost smells as if the gears are grinding

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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It’s 15 years old?

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Sounds as if one or more of the gears has gotten damaged. How does the transmission fluid look?

Some info on servicing the transmission can be found here.

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Throwout bearing? Pilot bearing?

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Your gears are very likely rubbing, I’d do a major check of the transmission fluid! If there is any friction at all they will get messed up fast! That can get ugly sooo quick!!! Take it to a trusted mechanic asap O_O – LB

Note: my boyfriend (a HUGE car nerd) is currently bouncing behind me in a mild state of panic! hehe

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Thank you everyone for your help. My brother said it is likely a throwout bearing, but a different mechanic that I asked said that if it was the bearing, then all the gears would be unusuable. So I’m going to try to have a mechanic look at it this weekend. Again, thank you all for your help.

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You can still shift with a bad throwout bearing. It’s the noise and the odor that are diagnostic.

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@pdworkin Thanks. I hope this is all it is.

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Well, but if you can’t get it into certain gears, you may need to replace the clutch. The clutch kit will come with a new throwout bearing. Take it to a less looney mechanic is my advice.

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A throwout bearing will make the car hard to get into gear from a standstill. You can usually hear and feel a distinctive clunk if you get the thing into gear at all. I’m guessing low trans oil, like a lot of others here, and maybe your tranny is due for an overhaul. Or your car is ready for the big used car lot in the sky.

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The ‘94 part.

Remove the radiator cap and drive a newer car under it.

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