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Are bangs/fringe seen as more of a mature hairstyle, or a younger hairstyle?

Asked by evegrimm (3714points) October 15th, 2009

Have you ever had bangs? Did you like them, or did you grow them out?

Do you think bangs are more youthful or more mature? Are women (and men, especially since the emo movement) with bangs taken more seriously or less?

Do you think anyone would look good in bangs, or does it depend on the face?

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Totally depends on the cut. Bangs are super in right now. Very sexy and hipstery.

I say: go for it.

As a man, taking about a woman.

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Except for two years in high school when my hair was really long and I was in my Marcia Brady period, I’ve always had bangs. I hate the photos of myself from that time period.

I think it depends on the person’s hair texture, thickness and hairline.

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I’d say bangs are more of a younger style for guys, for girls it could be both young or mature. It all depends on the cut though.

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Many girls I am friends with, and or have dated, have sported bangs at least once in their life. I think all of them, ages 20–30, liked it, at least for some duration of time. I’ve always been partial to them; especially when they look like as amazingly sexy as this. The only thing negative I remember hearing about them had to do with growing them out.
Though they might convey a youthful look, I wouldn’t particularly associate them with any age category or maturity level. They can make a woman look child-like, or ultra-sophisticated; depends on the do and the person.

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@peedub, I personally think that lady’s bangs are too short…sign of the times, maybe?

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I have always had them, good to know I am in style and hip once again!

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@evegrimm Longer or shorter, I like them all. Even Mia Farrow bangs are sexy.

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Depends on the face. I just cut mine at my eyebrows and sometimes they look good and sometimes not but really I don’t think I have the right face shape for it. But I like them on almost every one else. They do look like a younger hairstyle to me, but there’s no problem with that. Side note: I despise neat, perfect bangs. I think they look horrible and plastic-y. I like messy bangs.

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@peedub, oh dear. I’m glad mine aren’t even close to that short. (It’s definitely not a modern look!)

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I’ve never liked bangs as a hairstyle on women, although as previous posters have said they seem to be in right now.

It seems, and this is just a hunch and may be very misdirected by my own opinions, that mostly women likes other women’s haircuts with bangs. Offcourse it depends on the face, if the person can carry the look or not, but i think most girls look alot better without bangs. Take it for what it’s worth, my 5 c.

They are definetly more mature looking than without, but in my opinion not mature in a positive way.

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I had bangs until I was allowed to choose my own hairstyle at age 13. Haven’t had them since.

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@evegrimm Let’s see a pic!

I had bangs as a young lad. My mom would give me these insane bowl cuts and force me to wear Hawaiian shirts on picture day.

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I always thought bangs were a younger thing. I’ve had them on and off over the years, but in my opinion. they’re more of a hassle to keep well-groomed.

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I personally really dislike bangs. I’ve had them, but they were always the kind that were “wispy” and could be pushed away from my face. The only time I ever had super short hair in the front was from pulling, and I’m still waiting for it to all grow in! Ugh.

I just think they look childish or too done up, if that makes sense. I don’t want to work for hours on my hair, and bangs=more work in my experience.

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They can be for any age, but it depends on how they are done and what the entire cut is.

My stereotypical take on it: Straight across bangs are little kid bangs. Jagged or swept bangs are for people of any age who can carry off a trendy look, textured are for older people who want to maintain a nice style with what they consider age appropriate bangs, and curled under bangs are for older people who get their hair done once a week then spray a can of Aqua Net on it.

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@peedub, I don’t have any recent pics. However, when I pull my hair back, I look something like Cally from BSG, although my bangs are a leetle beet longer. :P

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I have had bangs all my life! I’m 38 and I still get carded for buying tobacco products! A couple years ago I was carded for buying sparklers! I guess it’s the bangs, but I don’t know.

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I think it completely depends on the individual’s hair and forehead. I think that I look better with wispy bangs, and pretty much always have them in some form or another. Others look better without them. I don’t really consider age as a factor, unless we’re talking about super trendy bang styles. Those are best left to the young.

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I have bangs! I have curly hair though, so it’s a little different… I don’t think it makes me look younger, although perhaps it does… My haircut kind of looks like this. Only less professionally done, unfortunately! :)

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I’ve had bangs for most of my life, every style you can think of and I never get tired of experimenting with them, making them work for me. When I’ve not sported bangs of some sort then people aren’t as pleased, they say I’ve got to keep them ;p

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I have a high forehead that is fairly wide at the top, and without some sort of bangs, my face looks severe. I used to wear full bangs, but at this point have partial bangs, just enough to soften the forehead.

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@augustlan Thanks! :) Honestly there’s not much else I can do with these ringlets!

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I think it completely depends on the individual’s hair and forehead.

Yes. This. For example, I look stupid with bangs because I don’t have enough forehead. It’s really more of a threehead.

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@MacBean I think I have the fivehead. :(

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Um, I believe bangs are better on younger people. But, they are totally for older people too. It all depends on the style or cut.

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For me I think that bangs are for younger people right now. They are in fashion too. As long as you don’t have a small face you can find a style to suit you. I personally love thick bangs that stop just above the eyebrows.

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I hate not having them.

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I’ve had sort of side-slanting bangs for years now, and they go with my face and the sort of short haircuts I like.

A lot of people look terrible in bangs, and probably have them just because they’re in now. When I was in high school, bangs were out, and I’m sure the opposite was true. No hairstyle works for every face shape.

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I agree with @Webzilla
Though, whether a girl/woman looks good in bangs depends more on the shape of her face than on age. Some really stunning women would actually detract from their face by going this route. I know this sounds weird, but some women have beautiful foreheads and hairlines that should be highlighted, not hidden. Hair style is not actually just about hair to me. This is from one guy’s perspective alone.

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I love bangs! I have the wispy kind that go straight across the forehead. I love them because they bring attention to your eyes epecially when you have good eye makeup and bring attention to your bone structure. I think that with the right layers( I have choppy layers in the front with long layers all over), they can be sexy.

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I like a long swept side bang the best, that is for any age. I think Pin-Up bangs are hot and regular old little girl bangs need to be on little girls… I don’t like them on adults.

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