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How can I begin to market my own skin and hair line?

Asked by Bellezzz (98points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Hey guys, I have always loved beauty and fitness and I would love to begin creating a hair and skin care line, I also would love to start a fitness youtube channel, how can I begin this journey?

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Schooling first, I would think.

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have you created the product? I would think that’s the first step.

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@Bellezzz “I would love to begin creating a hair and skin care line”

Are you a chemist? I’m just trying to understand how you expect to make a better product than all of the other beauty and shampoo companies out there with MDs and PhDs on their staff?

I’ve always enjoyed laying by the pool in the sun getting drunk while on vacation, that doesn’t mean I’m qualified to manage a resort.

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Hire a circle of experts. Accountant’s, lawyers, and chemists ect. Hire a marketing firm to help you. Get a business license and get started.

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So before you market it, you have to create and manufacture it. First create it.

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Probably easier to become a you tube fitness celeb first, then rebrand someone else’s products as your own when you’ve got the audience to make it work. Especially if you aren’t sitting on some miracle breakthrough product you’ve already created.

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