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Tumblr Background Help?

Asked by LaurenMac27 (4points) October 15th, 2009

I have a background design that my friend created that I want to use as a background for my Tumblr blog. Does anyone know how to take a saved file to use as a backdrop?

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I haven’t used Tumblr very long but I don’t think every theme lets you use your own background, only some of them do.

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Do you know how to pick a theme that lets you do that?

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I had the same problem when I wanted to use a custom header. I just went through and checked out a bunch of themes until I found one that would work. But I could be totally wrong on this.

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Thanks I will check it out!

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It is pretty simple, start at your dashboard, on the right click “Customize” when the page loads click on “Appearance” and there should be a button next to “Background image:” you can use to upload a custom background.

Hope this helps. ;)

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@cyreb7 That is only an option in certain themes, which is what I was talking about above.

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