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Who would like to join me in congratulating Allie for reaching 10k?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20297points) October 15th, 2009

I know she hates these 10k “Qs”, so that’s why i especially want to give her one.

Congrats Allie!

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Yay. You were the first person I had contact with on fluther. It’s about time. ;)

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Are all the mods at 10k yet?
Nice work Allie.

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Way to go Allie!!! it’s about time!!!!
Is anyone bringing Chip to the party?

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy ALLIE!

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<<secretly scowling with envy.

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Yay! Congratulations, Allie!


Instead of “hip, hip, hooray”, it seemed more appropriate.

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A grilled cheese with ham is still a grilled cheese. Deal with it Allie.

Seriously, Allie is my partner in stupidity, and my favorite person on the Internet.


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YAY! I feel so far removed, but still, in a small way part of your glorious lurvaciousness.

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Hurray for Allie even though she didn’t marry my son. @Allie, you don’t have to tell us you came to this party. Just listen to the cheers from behind a potted plant. Yay!!

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Congratulations Allie!
You deserved all those lurveing points.
Rufus FTW!
I mean Chip FTW!

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Yea Allie. Chips and hugs!

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Congratulations, gorgeous!!!! Always look forward to reading your responses!!

For you.

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Cong-arr-tulations on coming in 40th. So what does a midlife crisis feel like (20k is the max, right)?

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Way to go Allie!

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Hurray! This is touching.

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nice work

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@J0E welcome to Fluther! oh wait, you just changed your avatar

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Yay, Allie! To a much deserving jelly, congratulations!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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You go girl!

Congrats and chips!

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CONGO RATS allie. Give some lurve to chip.

You beat me, you rascal!

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Good on ya!!!!

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All hail the awesome Allie on this most auspicious occasion.

I understand you’re not a fan of these, but understand we’re a fan of you.

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Welcome to the club! The secret handshake and password to the clubhouse will come in a separate mailing for security purposes.

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Congrats! We lurve you!!!

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Sunshine on a cloudy day! Light of my life! No one deserves it more. Congrats Allie.

celebratory beers tonight…?

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WTG!!! Congrats!!! Way To Go!!! (what? You mean that’s what WTG means?)

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Congrats, Allie, it’s about time! You were one of the first people I talked to on here, and for people who don’t know this wonderful amazing person, she’s uber nice. c:

Anyway, Congrats to you! :D

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Did getting a 10K make this week better for you? I sure hope so! I’m so proud of you for beating @andrew to the goal. Now you have another reason for driving over to celebrate and be my beer pong partner tomorrow night. <4 always.

PS: Psychics, Beerito, Rufus and Chip
PPS: Skype date on Sunday. Don’t forget!

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Hooray for you Allie!
<pancakes and babby are in the frizzer waiting for you!>

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woooooooooooooooooo, congrats allie! :DD
i was excited to see this.

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@Allie Look what you did! PnL is playing beer pong…

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Yay!! Congratulations. Allie totally hearts these types of questions! hehe

Thank you for always putting a smile on my face with your answers, and taking time out of your studying to help me with mine ;)

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Yay Allie!! Much love to you sweetie pie. I seriously thought you had already made it here long ago!

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Awesome Allie! You rock!

In your honor I am chilling microbrewery beers and bringing platters from chipolte!

Life is good!

( Hey we both beat Andrew to 10k!) :)

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Woohoo! Congrats!

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@eponymoushipster Thanks for the 10k question, monkey man.
@tinyfaery =] That seems like so long ago. Thank you.
@RedPowerLady Thank you, miss.
@The_Compassionate_Heretic I’m not sure, and thank you.
@Dr_C Of course Chip is coming to the party. He’s the mascot. =]
@shilolo Always and forever. And you can officially make fun of me for saying I hated these.
@Capt_Bloth Thanks!
@aprilsimnel Haha, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Heh. Thanks.
@holden Turn that frown upside down!
@EmpressPixie I lure your version of hip hip hooray. Thank you.
@johnpowell A grilled cheese with ham is called a grilled cheese… with ham, but I still love you. (hug)
@Cartman Thanks for joining the festivities.
@Jeruba (moves potted fern to the side) Give your son my number. ;)
@Tink1113 Hahaha, rufus. Thanks, Tink!
@chyna Thank you!
@jmah (blush) Thankies!
@markyy Haha, I feel…. lurved. I’ll be 40 by the time 20k rolls around.
@J0E Thank you much, jay-zero-eee.
@deni It is, it is. Thanks.
@patg7590 (takes a bow) Thanks.
@ubersiren Thanks!
@YARNLADY Thank you!
@janbb Haha. Snappy! Thanks.
@andrew (sticks tongue out) Chip is sticking his tongue out too. P.S. – I’ll be watching for your 10k Q.
@rooeytoo Good on me!!!!
@cprevite Awww, thank you. =]
@laureth I hope AC doesn’t forget to deliver mine. ;)
@loser I lurve you too!
@nikipedia Oh for sure! Cheers!
@filmfann FTW! (I’ll let you figure that one out.)
@mangeons Heh, thank you much!
@PeNi… @PnL Yes, it did! Can I rub this in @andrew‘s face for eternity? <4 P.S. – Sunday.. be there or be square.
@SpatzieLover I hope the babby isn’t frizzen. =]
@casheroo Thank you! And anytime you need so hw help, I’m your girl. =]
@scamp Haha, I guess I’m a late bloomer. Slow and steady, eh?
@Dog No, YOU rock! (sticks tongue out at @andrew with @Dog)
@daloon Thanks!

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Mazel Tov!

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I’m a little late, but congratulations! Another one that’s well-deserved!

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Yay!!!!! I will make you cupcakes!!! Then eat them because I can’t send them to you!!

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Congrats girly!!

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Congratulations to a great moderator and one of the nicest Jellies I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing here on Fluther. You’re a class act, Allie. Well done. =)

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Congrats! A well-deserved 10k to one of my favorite Flutherites. :)

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….here’s 10k FD to ya’ ! .... that’s Fluther Dollars!

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Belated congratulations and lurve for the great answer upthread!

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Fluther would be an empty place without you!

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Congratulations. Here’s a burrito with extra onions.

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Yay! Congrats, Allie!

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@breedmitch :: Oh no you didn’t.

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Congratulations, neighbor! You must love this. I know how much these kinds of threads excite you. Anyways, go celebrate with some Woodstock’s and a pitcher.

(And I know you secretly love this.)

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@AstroChuck Ha! I beat you to this one, at least.

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Only because I allowed you to. I felt bad about all the others you missed. Thought I’d give you this one.

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AAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Congratulations Allie.


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There is so much lurve going on in this thread…I just…need a tissue. One moment please sniff

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Since you don’t like these threads @Allie I’m not going to congratulate you. Nope, not going to do it!

I will thank you for putting a smile on my face with your silly humor, sending me a pm when I was down and out and spending time with us on that crazy radio show of my husband’s. =)

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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This thread is a Lurve Buffet.

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Sorry I’m late! Oh happy day, hip hip horray!

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I would feel bad if I thanked everyone above my comment, but not below it.. so here we go.

@pdworkin Toda.
@DrasticDreamer Better late than never! Thank you.
@IBERnineD Make it lemon cupcakes w/ lemon icing! Lemon cake is like the only kind I like. Heh.
@Facade YAY! Now come to Cali and let’s partake in some… “activities.”
@Bluefreedom Awww, thank you. That means quite a bit coming from a Jelly like you.
@MissAnthrope (tips hat) Thank you!
@virtualist THANKS! This is like winning the Lotto.
@SuperMouse Thanks, mousie.
@PandoraBoxx Aww shucks, thank you.
@breedmitch I hope this burrito comes with a fork so I can pick out the nasty veggie. Thank you!
@augustlan Thanks, Aug!
@Darwin Gracias!
@Likeradar Thanks, Similarsonar. ;)
@AstroChuck Haha, Woodstock’s sounds pretty damn good right about now actually. (… and I do.)
@petethepothead PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! <4
@gggritso Woot! =]
@jonsblond Ha, THANK YOU!!!!!!
@mattbrowne Danke!
@Judi Heh, partay!

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@Allie oh wow, you have to try my pink lemonade cupcakes! They are great!

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OMG!!!!! Allie!!! Lol,I was about to say happy birthday ;P Anyways…you have 10k! Thats freaking amazing! :) Your awesome and you have great music taste! :)
ps.burritos are good :P

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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! :)

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Better late than never….congrats and welcome aboard the 10k express.

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wey hey I’m not late this time! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!

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What a tally, Allie! Happy 10 K!

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yay, congratulations
so many people getting 10k lately

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They are infected with the lurve flu.

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Horray for @Allie

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@Allie Finding this thread has made my decision to page through all 289 Qs that I missed while fighting my sinus infection worth it. As my finger hovered over the Remove All button, I thought “Wait, what if I missed something important,” and there you were all the way down at question 86. This is an occasion I would not have wanted to miss. I love your spunk and verve. You are one of the most real, wild, funny, daring, earthy, sexy women I have ever known. I want to be just like you when I grow up!! Brava, Allie, keep on being you!

@eponymoushipster You spunky monkey, you! Good move on the Q!

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darn it!! I missed this thread because the line at Chipotle’s was so long… lurve to ya Allie!!

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Aww, I missed this too, but thankfully I found it! Congrats Allie! Oh, and wow, you’ve already been lurved 437 times since this, here comes 20,000!

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Yaaaaaay! Grilled cheese & ham for everyone!

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I know I missed a few 10K celebrations because I’ve been away (shall be zinging back to the twilight zone in a bit). Here’s me trying to give back to the community. Congrats Allie!

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@Saturated_Brain welcome back, and thank you so much for recognizing my H T D

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@YARNLADY It’s no problemo. None at all. =)

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Congrats! Sorry I missed the party!

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