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10k again! Join me in Congratulating another wonderful jellie?

Asked by sjmc1989 (5499points) January 11th, 2010

He maybe young, but he is wise beyond his years! DominicX is joining the 10K Club! Congrats! I know you will be at 20K before you know it. Everyone give him a hand and your kindest words. :)

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Say wha???????????

Congratulations DominicX!
Now get back to work! Stanford ain’t gonna impress itself!

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Congrats Dom!! ...and in record time too, or at least very quickly.

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Hey, bud, congrats!!! Talk about a well-spoken/wise beyond his years type of fellow!! This kid is going places, let me tell you…

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Hey….congratulations, honey. Way to go. :D

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Oh man, Dom! Congratulations! fluther definitely benefits from your intelligent openness and advocacy for issues gay, as well as many other things. Thanks for being here!

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Wow, amazing job! Keep on lurvin’ DominicX!

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Damn you’re good!

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Damn. I must suck because it took me way longer to reach 10K than everyone recently joining the mansion.

Congrats! You deserve it. You are one cool Jelly.

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Mazel Tov™!

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What is this mansion everyone seems to be talking about?

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Wow, excellent! Couldn’t happen to a nicer jelly.

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(Got it at last! Take that, @pdworkin)!

And let me just add @DominicX that I have been noticing you since your previous incarnation and that you are a wonderful, caring and thoughtful Jelly who has brought so much to our collective.

Mazel Tov™ again!

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Wait a sec. Isn’t he, uh, you know, gay? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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Hold on, sister. DominicX is GAY?!?
lol j/k. Who doesn’t know that by now.

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@daloon the ‘club’ of being at the 10K level.

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Holy macaroni!
Congrats, Dominic!!!!!!!
You’re one of my favorite Jellies.

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Yay!, @DominicX! I know you will swim far in this world, young Jelly. In the meantime, rest your tentacles. Have a cupcake!

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@daloon Have you been taking your meds, because I saw your ass in the mansion this morning.

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Great work DominicX, top job ;-)

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@tinyfaery Are you sure you aren’t delusional? I have never set foot in this mansion. I think it wasn’t built at the time I was eligible.

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Hooray! Hooray! You’ve reached 10K! Congratulations!

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Wow, you kicked my ass…


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Congratulations, @DominicX! Seems like just yesterday that you were a newbie, wet behind the tentacles. Quite an achievement.

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Way to go Dom!!!!!! quick rise!

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You were allowed in under the grandfather clause. Anyway, you have access to the 20K castle, so why would you slum in the mansion?

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Airow represeeeent. Congrats, baby. :)

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Oh, Dominic! You are truly one of my favorite jellies on here and I am so glad you have joined the ranks of the 10k!

Super duper congratulations!!!!

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@le_inferno AND represent…which is better of course :P

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@J0E Pshhh, he’s an Airowian at heart :P

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Hey! look at some wis.dmers doing well here – congratulations!

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Hip hip hooray!! Congratulations @DominicX!!

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Great job, @DominicX, Congrats!

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congrats! well deserved recognition!

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Congratulations and welcome to the 10k mansion!!

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Congrats!! I feel like you made it really fast, but then I realize how much you participate and how great your posts are, and it’s not that much of a surprise. Truly well-deserved and you are one of my favorite jellies, please don’t stop. :)


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hee hee “Gay team”..:)

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Hip hip hurray!
Dommie hit 10K today!


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My little russian muffin! I am so proud. AIROW REPRESENT, SON
And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus
Airowians ain’t nuttin ta fuck with

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Whoo hoo! Congrats, @dominicx!

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This boy loves to dance. We need some tuneage.

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Congratulations Dom, you’re a credit to this wonderful site.

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Congratulations! I’ve been here long enough now that I recognize your name and recall some of our posts. Yaaaaayy! Augiuri, tante auguri!

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And damn good looking.


What is your achilles’ heel boy? Chapped lips? Small penis? Flatulent?

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How lovely! Congratulations!

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Hoorah for @DominicX! Huzzah, as well!

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Great job DominicX…speak your mind brother! Good on ya!

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Yay! Party all around! Thank you for good questions and interesting answers.

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Wow, Dom, I hadn’t even noticed you were close! That was so quick too!

Not that it’s hard to believe, with your insightful answers and great personality. ;D

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Hey DK! Way to go!!

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Ho’omaikai! (Congratulations in Hawaiian.) To a great member of the collective.

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DominicX- a great young man, wise beyond his years! What a great addition to the club.

If fluther be the food of lurve, play on, Dominic, play on!

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Aww…thanks so much, everyone! Seriously, I feel so awesome right now! :) :D ^_^

I would’ve responed to this sooner, but I wanted to say more and Mondays are some of my most crowded days. I have 4 classes, all an hour apart, from 9 to 4. It’s rough. :)

I love being on this site. Of all the Q&A sites I’ve been on, this one has been the best (no offense; I am still loyal to AIROW and haha). I feel that I have greatly benefitted from being on sites like this one. Because if I hadn’t, I never would’ve had the opportunity to speak to so many intelligent, interesting, and different people. How many kids my age have done that? Not many, to be sure. I’ve been on sites like this since I was merely 14! I’ve had so many adventures and memories. Being on sites like this helped me accept my homosexuality, believe it or not. It opened me to so many different ideas that I probably would’ve otherwise never been exposed to, or at least, not been exposed to at this age.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone again. :)

Interesting how it took me exactly 7 months to get to 10K. Also, I created this account on the 11th of June and got to 10K on the 11th of January and 11 is my favorite number and always has been. :)

@holden @Allie @jmah @jbfletcherfan @daloon @erichw1504 @peedub @tinyfaery @janbb @MagsRags @pdworkin @Silhouette @rangerr @IBERnineD @aprilsimnel @OreetCocker @LC_Beta @J0E @Marina @Dr_C @le_inferno @KatawaGrey @Simone_De_Beauvoir @ccrow @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities @njnyjobs @buckyboy28 @Bluefreedom @MissAnthrope @AstroChuck @Mike_Hunt @Likeradar @stranger_in_a_strange_land @Trillian @cprevite @syz @zephyr826 @sndfreQ @Cartman @mangeons @Val123 @hawaii_jake @ubersiren

I read and appreciated every single one of your answers. Some of them even made me blush. :D

Yes, I did GA them all, but you know what? I felt like it. ‘Cause you deserve it. And I suppose we’ve all noticed my tendency to end a lot of my paragraphs with smiley faces? Well, that’s because that’s what my face looks like right now. :D

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Everyone chant with me: “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”,

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@DominicX, you are definitely a fave of mine around here, and this 10K party in your honor is very well deserved! Cheers to you!!

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Wow DominicX, I didn’t even see this coming, don’t know how I missed cuz I always keep an eye out for your questions and answers. But congrats anyhow. I can’t wait to run into you at the mansion so I can tweak your cheeks like your granny does!!!

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Yay! Congrats!!! Seen you around quite a bit recently, and hope to see a bit more! :)

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Oh, that’s great! Happy 10 k day!

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Great job! Your answers are insightful, opinionated, and funny. I would have given you all 10,000 lurve myself if I could. Congratulations!

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@stratman37. OK!! “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”,

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‘Grats again!! You make me proud to be gay. And I’m sure you already know it but your boyfriend is, like, mega-lucky, man.

I wanted to make this thread but I had classes >:O!

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You’re a great contributor, @DominicX, generous with opinions and quick to share a trove of real knowledge. By the time you finish your education you will be a formidable expert.

I remember that you started over, so you are actually way beyond 10k. Bonus congratulations to you for that. Pretty soon we’ll have to call you DominicXX.

sakura's avatar

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!! late to part as usual!

NaturalMineralWater's avatar

“DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”, “DominicX”,

It was just so mesmerizing as i scrolled by that I had to repeat it.

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Congrats Dom!! I love reading your contributions, and not only because I usually agree with you, but also because you’re just a nice person. I missed this thread cause I was making chili, so I’ll ship some to the 10K mansion for you! :)

LeotCol's avatar


I’m catching up I swear!

casheroo's avatar


chyna's avatar

Yea! Congrats! Party time again!

Fyrius's avatar

Crap, I’m late.

Hooray for you, lelac @DominicX! :D Congrats!
You deserve every last one of those lurve points. :)

And I’m looking for a subtle and chuckle-inducing way to connect the fact that X is the Roman numeral for 10 with the fact that you’re at 10K now. But I can’t seem to find any.
I’ll settle for pointing out the more far-fetched but also more amusing fact that if you take the two capital letters in @DominicX‘s name and reverse them, you get a grinning face. XD
Which is also 490 in Roman numerals.

I’m rubbish tonight. Sorry. I owe you one funny joke.

Val123's avatar

@Fyrius Um…me thinks you thinks too much! But, for what it’s worth, it got a chuckle from me :)

Fyrius's avatar

I owe you a funny joke too?

Val123's avatar

@Fyrius No…I’ll share mine with @janbb!

janbb's avatar

@Val123 Since we share cookies, we can share one of Fyrius’ jokes, too!

Val123's avatar

@janbb That’s right! ... Um, since this is DK’s party, do we have to share with him too??

janbb's avatar

@Val123 Of course, 10,000 cookies (minus 2) for Dom!

filmfann's avatar

Congrats Dom! Terrific job, and well deserved!

PandoraBoxx's avatar

Congratulations, @DominicX. It seems like just yesterday you were a young jelly, dancing your way through the fluther…

I find your posts insightful, straightforward and honest. I’m always interested in what you have to say.

figbash's avatar

Another record 10k getter! Thank you so much for always telling it straight.

SeventhSense's avatar

Congratulations to a fine fluther fellow with manly nipples. :)
I liked you since the moment I saw your fine typing…I mean writing…You’ve learned to write type..I mean write real well. I nominate you as the official fluther scribe I mean typist.
Have fun!

augustlan's avatar

Congratulations Dominic! Well deserved. :)

Axemusica's avatar

Congratulations @DominicX.

Buttonstc's avatar

In addition to being intelligent, a fellow verbivore, and a fab contributor to this site, you are just so gosh darned cute and adorable.

Don’t worry. I’m not hitting on you, since i’m old enough to be your Mother. And I believe I’ve mentioned before that, like Rooey, I would just love to pinch those cute smiley cheeks of yours.

I always love reading your posts regardles of the topic.

You are articulate and well spoken. Even tho you aren’t black, Harry Reid would approve of you very highly :D

Congratulations on a job well done.

DominicX's avatar

Well, I wanted to wait until of the day until posting again (I’ll be going to bed in a few minutes, though I don’t have class until 4 P.M. How awesome is that?) lol

Thanks to everyone who responded. This question not only made my day, it made my week. :)

I’m glad I have a positive effect on so many people and that you appreciate my answers and such. I can say the same for all of y’all. :)

@Buttonstc Now you really made me blush…lol
@Fyrius Your quirks never fail to amuse me.

le_inferno's avatar

Shove your 4 PM class up yo ass, Dominic. 7:29 AM fluthering…class at 8…ffffuuuuuu

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Ack.. How could I have missed this?

To one of my best e-friends on the interwebz for more than a few years already, thank you for being supportive of me when I’ve encountered my tough spots. I never fail to be amazed at how you seem to have everything in your life going for you (great boyfriend, great university, great loads of moolah, great looks). Is your luck ever gonna run out? Leave some for us mere mortals here man!

But for what this congratulatory message is worth over an artificially constructed and otherwise worthless measure of your fab contributions to this site, CONGRATULATIONS DOMINIC!!

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Yay @DominicX! Congrats and cupcakes for you!!! :)
<inserting smiley face in your honor>

mcbealer's avatar

hey Dom !!!!!!!!!!! much lurve to you… you da man!!
notice 11, yes eleven marks of exclamation :)

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Hey, I thought I saw you hanging out at the 10K parties already! Were you crashing, or were you just so irresistibly cute that the guards let you in!? Welcome to the club! Your room is near the Disco, I hope it’s not to noisy.

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Ooops, late to the party again! CONGRATS, kiddo! You are a goddamn rockstar and I am so glad you hang out in our corner of the internet.

Strauss's avatar

Ditto! Late again!

Anywayy…CONGRATS, @DominicX

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Oh yea.. Feel the lurve! Congrats and right on!

DominicX's avatar

haha…thanks guys! I still like reading through all these responses; they make me feel happy. :D

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