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Is there any reason I shouldn't do DISH tv?

Asked by andrew (16358points) October 15th, 2009

I am disappointed in Comcast—their cable package in SF is way more expensive (with less features!) than Time Warner in LA—even when I bundle with internet.

Dish Network is giving me the things I’m looking for—an HD dvr (and apparently one that isn’t horrible!), regular channels, and a good selection of HD, for around $30 less a month.

Any reason I shouldn’t try it?

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Aside from it stealing your soul? No, no reason not to try it.
We’ve had DISH for 5 years. We never had any huge issues with it.

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I have some kind of instinctive aversion to DISH. I don’t really know why… maybe because I think the ‘dish’ is ugly. So, aesthetically speaking, I favor cable. There.

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I guess I won’t be much help here. We go for ‘free’ tv and don’t purchase cable, dish or otherwise. It has limited us to 3 whole channels, lol

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Its never really as cheap as they say it is. In my experience cable and dish always end up being about the same price. Otherwise one would knock the other out of the market.

One company can always show you on paper how you will save money, but it probably isn’t true.

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Because of how they spam my inbox constantly and I am never able to block them.

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With cable or satellite providers, its always best to choose your preferred provider, and then get quotes from competitors. They will offer you a great deal if you indicate you could just as easily go elsewhere for less. Ask for as many promotions and/or rebates, you can get.

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DISH TV has been successfully prosecuted for misleading advertising “without admitting wrongdoing.” (Which means you can bet your ass they were guilty as hell.)

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What will you do for internet?

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I considered making the switch from TWC to DirecTV because of sports and HD channels that TWC doesn’t have, like Comedy Central. But everywhere I’ve asked, people who have had both cable and satellite say cable is much more reliable. I have been a DIsh Net subscriber for 2 years but it was 10 years ago, so I can’t base my opinion on that, but from what I’ve read on various specialized forums the signal reliablitiy issues (weather-related interferences mostly) haven’t changed much.

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I don’t know about your living situations, but according to my apartment manager, for really great DISH reception, you need to be the southernmost apartment and put the dish on the south wall. If you’re not in that prime position, the reception can be cruddy or not work at all.

If you’re in a house, you could ask the DISH people which wall would be best to put it on, then see if it would be tacky and/or if there is space.

Also, if you have a HOA, they might limit where you can put a dish. Apartment people might, too.

However, if none of these are problems, switching might be a good solution for you!

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People that I know that have it, love it. The dish on the front of a house or an apartment building can be unappreciated by other inhabitants and neighbors unless in your neighborhood it is commonplace to have visible dishes. Can it be mounted where it is unobtrusive?

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@PandoraBoxx Don’t confuse DISH TV with DirecTV. I know a lot of people who love DirecTV, I know few who love DISH.

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You know, I just remembered that when I used to live in San Francisco I had DirectTV. I don’t remember it being any different than cable, except for the fact that sometimes it took a long time to switch channels and there were a couple of times when the times of the shows were on the east coast.

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(Of course, this was before HD really came into full force).

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@andrew The technology has improved, there are now DVRs, no channel lag, and both East and West coast programming is available.

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Also DirecTV has more HD available than Time Warner, Comcast, or DISH. However, lest you should think I am overenthusiastic, they, too sometime advertise dishonestly, and push “packages” that you don’t need or want.

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