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Comcast HD or Verizon FIOS?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) June 30th, 2008

Has anyone experienced both companies? I’m considered switching from Comcast to Verizon but I was wondering if the picture looked any better/internet went any faster. Thanks.

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Verizon is way faster, and better. I have experienced both and Verizon is superb! The only problem is Verizon hasn’t gotten FIOS to everyone so more people are going to say Comcast based on the fact that FIOS isn’t near them or they’ve never tried it. Ya dig?

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FIOS is faster and cheaper and a better quality picture. I can so no reason why you would choose comcast if you had the choice

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I currently have Comcast, and I’m in New Jersey.

FIOS is supposed to be here in the tri-state area, but haven’t got to me ;(

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I had Comcast for years, then switched to FIOS last year. Have/had internet, phone, and cable on both. So…ARE YOU READY TO RUUMMMBBBLLLEEEE?!

Internet: FIOS (waay faster, even at the base speed. consistent speed. their wireless router is immediately compatible with your Apple wireless network)

Phone: TIE (No discernible difference. Good overall quality. 411 sucks for both.

Cable: FIOS (HD picture quality is better, more HD channels) Only caveat: Comcast’s menu is more clear and easier to navigate.

Price: FIOS (FIOS:$155/month, Comcast: $210/month)


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@crunchaweezy- I’m in NJ as well.. they recently wired my neighborhood for fios.. and it seems like all my neighbors are making the switch

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