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When matching bone marrow tissue is blood type a factor?

Asked by Dog (25152points) October 17th, 2009

Today I went to register to be on the National Bone Marrow Registry . We have a 16 year old girl with Leukemia in our town who has yet to find a match and there was a registration drive.

While at the drive a man who works construction and is not related to the drive told me I would not be a match because of my blood type. I have never heard of a marrow registry where they asked for a blood type so I am wondering if the man was correct and if a wrong blood type automatically excludes donors.

I registered and swabbed my mouth regardless of his statement but would like to know if he was right.

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Somewhat. Look at this site.

Depends on your blood type, and the recipient

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It is more difficult to match marrow than blood type, and the blood type compatablity is one of the criteria, I believe.

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Thank you for that link @jackm. It said the following:

You must have a blood type compatible with the recipient or you will not be able to donate. Here is who can donate to whom:

Type A can donate to types A and AB.

Type B can donate to types B and AB.

Type AB can donate to type AB.

Type O can donate to types A, B, AB, and O.

I am A+ and the girl in need is A- so according to this the man was wrong.

Please note that either way I am glad to be on the registry and will donate to anyone who matches me in need.

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There was some information on this here . Also Wikipedia explains quite well about the blood type compatibility Also what a great thing to do!

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The thing is that the marrow has stem cells in it and they want to give her the marrow so she can make more of her type of cells. While the stem cells are a blank slate, the DNA in them is going to tell the stem cell what kind of blood to become and what kind of immune cells to become. You guys not matching blood type and a few other things would wreak havoc in her body (with a large donation).

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@Dog I lurve you. Just thought you should know.

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@augustlan Awww- I lurve you too!

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