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Does anyone else have problems with finding live BUGS in their 08 Honda Civic?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) October 19th, 2009

I love my little Civic, except that it’s a TRAP for insects! Not kidding. There is definitely some kind of hole, or it doesn’t completely seal up somewhere (A/C ducts, perhaps?) – maybe they’re getting in through after crawling around in the engine during the night? Does anyone else have trouble with this?

It’s actually caused me to almost get into a couple of accidents…I’ll be driving and then all of a sudden this huge spider will drop right in front of my face! Not good for someone who has a pretty serious case of arachnophobia… And just last month a freaky-looking huge beetle landed on my arm – pulled over, but never found that one. I’m sure it died underneath my seat or something….eww.

Gotta also mention the six dead spiders hanging out in BOTH my tail lights….

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That is the thing of nightmares.
Call Click and Clack. I’m sure they’d have a good time with that call. ;-)

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Are you absolutely sure that beetle died?? Hmm?

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Is there possibly something else under the seats besides dead bugs? We had an ant problem in the truck until I discovered what my son had been doing with the chicken nuggets and fries he didn’t want to eat.

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sweet jesus. this is probably the most horrifying question in fluther history. thank you for nightmares, I will fear getting in my car now

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It could be worse. She could have mice in her car. You can never get the smell of mouse pee out, plus snakes come in to eat the mice who eat the wiring.

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Centipedes. That would be worse. Thank goodness you don’t have centipedes.

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I think this was talked about before, but mice are much cuter than bugs. I might be able to handle seeing a mouse in my car before a bug, because bugs cause me to completely freak out.
@chyna UGH, we had centipedes at our first apartment. I woke up to one sharing a pillow with me. I wanted to gag!

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@casheroo I had them in my first apartment. I had one in my sink and went absolutely crazy by smashing it with a bottle of dish detergent, over and over and over. I knocked the plumbing out from my wrath.

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I’ve had problems like this in my 97 Accord. There’s not much you do about it :/

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Locate the partially eaten chicken leg bone and your problem will vanish.

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It has nothing to do with the make and model, lol. Just about every car gets bugs in it. It’s just like your house. I think it mainly depends on where you live and how bad the bugs are in the area. Though, the make might have to do with the bugs still being there. Kind of like a trap, one way in, no way out.

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Something must be attracting them. Is it a problem in your house/apartment? A house has tons of holes bugs can get in.

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Hmm, I don’t think spiders are attracted to food. But they seem to be all over the car, so I think there must be some sort of nest or whatever creepy thing spiders have. I’m thinking we need a bug expert to shed some light.
@johnpowell This is about her car, not house

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No, but my kitchen cupboards have the same problem, do you think they’re related???

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@casheroo :: My point was that if your house doesn’t have a crazy bug problem your car probably wouldn’t either without something attracting them into the car.

I assume that they are probably pretty close to each other when the person is at home.

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I have spiders in and on my truck. Some are real, some are fake. I like to see the real ones crawl across the dash; my wife, not so much. A spider won’t make me drive off the road, but a wasp will. I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE wasps.

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Are you suggesting that there is something about these bugs that came with your car—like from the factory (or if used, from the person you bought it from)? If it helps at all, I have an ‘06 Honda Civic, and have not had that problem—so perhaps it’s ot factory derived….

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Spiders are there for the bugs so now we have to determine why the bugs are there.

If there is no food source anywhere then are you by chance parking under a bright light? Has there been a lot of rain that would drive insects up out of the ground?

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Another possibility occurred to me. Some insects are attracted to damp cardboard and particleboard. Just tossing that in as a possibility.

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Where is the car parked regularly? Is it a dark damp place?

I’d say if this many spiders are in your car, a spider had her nest in your vehicle or very near where this Honda was parked.

And, yes, it could be worse. It could’ve been baby mice, or you could’ve fried the mice one the engine heated up

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You ever see The Reaping? Perhaps you should sell that thing. Just don’t sell it to any little girls like the one in the film.

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hahaha – oh my god, this is quite a hilarious read. Let’s see if I can answer some questions to shed more light on the situation:

@chyna Sweet jesus – if that beetle-thing showed its face again, I think I would die. It seriously landed on my arm, then on my leg…I turned the lights on while driving to see it just SITTING THERE…the worst part was pulling over and trying to find a parking spot and hoping the little b*tch was still there. Of course, it wasn’t! I searched for 15 mins on the side of the road, and never found it. It BETTER be dead by now.

@Darwin I haven’t checked under the seat, but I’m the only person who drives it and I usually don’t have food in the car. It’s kind of difficult to get underneath it b/c I have a 2-door and it’s really crunched back there…but definitely worth a peak.

@casheroo sorry!

@erikaVT yeah, that’s what I’m thinking :( Honestly, I love the car…and I’d rather have a problem like this than the engine always breaking down. At least this is a FREE problem…until I hot-box it with a fumigator…

@Axemusica @johnpowell YES, I do have significant problems with spiders in my apartment…I live in a mountainous area in California, and have never encountered as many crazy insects as I have here. My car is parked a little below my apartment, right next to a bunch of bushes which separate me from my neighbors. I bet I wouldn’t have this problem if I had an enclosed garage…

@Psychedelic_Zebra OH MY GOD, I should be thanking my lucky stars that I don’t have wasps in there….I would f-ing die. Though I did one time manage to trap a bee in my car in the 5 seconds my door was open so I could get in. Good lord.

@skfinkel Nah, I know it didn’t come from the factory – didn’t really have problems until recently. Though the dead spiders in the tail-lights have been in there since the car was about 3 months old…

@Dog we did recently have a lot of rain (unusual for this area)...I can check, but I don’t think there are any damp areas in my car.

@SpatzieLover yep, parked in a cool, dark, damp-ish place. ewwww, I hope there isn’t a nest in my car….

I think what I’ll do is give the interior a SERIOUS cleaning soon and take a good look around inside. Because I’m definitely not bringing it to the dealership guys…they would laugh their asses off at my girly problems. I think it might be something I’ll just have to learn to deal with, since my current living/parking situation won’t be changing anytime soon. Thanks for the comments!

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i have one (blue) and it’s bug free.

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Are you sure you are not seeing things?

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Bugs in your car? Just wait till Windows Auto is more common.

Adding new meaning to the word ‘crash’.

Restart now?

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