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What color is turtle blood?

Asked by cheyu (4points) October 21st, 2009

since turtles are cold-blooded is their blood still red?

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Red, same as ours. There is still oxygen in there.

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yes. As an ex-turtle hunter, I can swear that turtle blood is red.

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i have a tortoise with red blood cells ;)

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and turtle meat is tasty, too.

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yeah its red. was driving through a wooded area the other day and saw a turtle crawling out into the road so i pulled over to help it, but when i got out of the car i saw someone hit it. turtle explosions are red.

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@JONESGH and pigeon explosions are usually the same color as the feathers.

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Yup, turtle blood is red. When we say they are “cold blooded” it actually means that they don’t make body heat. Instead they assume it from the environment. People are warm-blooded in that no matter what temperature it is around them, their insides are at 98.6 degrees F. (unless they are sick).

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