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Any suggestions for nice parks or campgrounds in North Carolina?

Asked by buster (10220points) October 21st, 2009

Im trying to make a decision for a 3 day weekend. Camping in the mountains of North Carolina versus the Florida beach. I thought about Atlanta or Memphis and checking some stuff out but they got cut because I decided I didn’t want to get shot. What I really want to know is have you been to or can you recommend some good parks, campgrounds, or other nuggets of knowledge about/in the eastern part of North Carolina? Im kind of thinking somewhere in the area of Asheville.

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I meant Western N.C. Im lost! I forgot East Tennessee turned into Western Carolina, the third Carolina.

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Asheville is gorgeous and has plenty to do there as well. I am partial to Boone, North Carolina because that is where I am from. Boone is further north but is absolutely beautiful. Grandfather Mountain in Boone is great. I went there a lot as a child. There is plenty of campground around there to I do not know specific names though sorry. It is also not as touristy as asheville but really every place you look at in the NC mountains is becoming touristy now.

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And it also depends on what time of year you are planning on going but Boone, has amazing ski slopes if your into that.

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The Asheville area is great! There are nearby campgrounds in Black Mountain, and great but limited sites at Mt Mitchell State Park, the highest point east of the Mississippi. Mt Mitchell has it’s own micro-climate, and has fir trees everywhere, so it smells like Christmas all year long.

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My brother lives in Asheville! I don’t know about campgrounds, but I know there are some great places to visit in the mountains! Grandfather Mountain, Blowing Rock, Linville Caverns…are a few, but try this website for some other ideas!

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Thanks guys im here and having fun. 10/23’09

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