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Have you used the Tivo HD DVR with Comcast cable service?

Asked by robhaya (994points) February 4th, 2008

I’m interested in getting feedback from anyone who has purchased the new Tivo HD DVR ($299 Unit) and uses it on Comcast. I’d like to know if the programming guide that Tivo uses is the same one that Comcast uses for its Motorola DVR boxes or is it a different source? And if you have had any issues with the Tivo HD box and cable card on Comcast. I’ve had it paying $14 /month for crappy DVR software from Comcast!


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I heard that, the Comcast DVR is terrible, as is the HD service.

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The HD service from Comcast in Chicago is quite good, its the DVR software on the Motorola DVR’s that sucks. I constantly have to mark shows not to record when I create a series, even though I’ve setup the series to only record new episodes. The DVR software will not record a show unless it says “Repeat” in the description, otherwise it records it. So shows that re-air/repeat a lot always appear as scheduled to record. That’s why I’m ready to make the switch back to Tivo and saving some coin.


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The Comcast HD service in North Louisiana is awful. Drops the signal, pixelates, some channels have no sound, or sound only during commercials, video/audio sync problems, it is just awful. I don’t have the Motorola DVR, mine is a Scientific Atlanta.

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