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Where do you find your strength?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) October 22nd, 2009

first and foremost, HELLO AGAIN!! Oh how I have missed my jellies. :( But now I must get on track

When you find yourself feeling as if your world is in crumbles, where or who do you turn to for strength? How do you handle life changing situations?

I am about to have some mountains to climb because I made a very big mistake. My whole world is about to change and I feel like I need to mentally prepare… I just don’t know where to go. I am half a world away from my family and I have very few friends. Are there any other places or people to turn to besides the obvious friends and family?

p.s. I consider myself agnostic for those of you who don’t know already.

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My strength is in my weaknesses.
Welcome back!!!

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Oh, krose… what’s wrong, honey? PM me, if you like.

The strength you need is inside of you, right now, just waiting for you to take a deep breath and tap into it. As always, we are here for you, too.

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I find my strength in my best friend/lover.
Life changing situations, I just try to keep moving forward. No matter how hard it is.

P.s: ::hug:: for @krose1223

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My strength is within my courage and my fears.

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After being shot at, stranded, almost left in a remote country, finding a friend of mine shortly after suicide and having the most beautiful daughter in the world strength has never been a problem. Now, motivation is another thing.
Dig deep because you can always go farther than you think, always.

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I know where you are coming from. In my experience you can not depend on anyone. You need to figure out how to make it through this on your own. Just think of yourself and how important you are. You’ll be fine.

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@krose1223 apparently it is during these times that we become stronger and find out about ourselves. you turn to yourself, you find and meet people and hope that with your effort and some luck combined you find a way that helps you through your hard times. sometimes being with people is as if you are all alone, i suppose. you will find something. just trust yourself. stay away from drugs & drinking; it can lead to very dangerous things during such times. good luck.

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Well, being a stubborn Belgian with the obstinance of a mule doesn’t hurt, and if all else fails, I find someone that will stand with me as I face the worst life has to offer. One good friend is worth five thousand acquaintances.

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Do you have a support system?? For me that is always helpful.

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In prayer…during my weakest moments I turn to pray and God to get me through.

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<<<hugs>>> to you… hang in there!!

I’m with @Psychedelic_Zebra on this… tenacity has gotten me through some very tough moments, and I have a small close-knit circle of friends that have always been there for me through thick and thin : priceless.

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I find my strength, through support, like here on Fluther. If I didn’t have any support, then who knows where I would be.

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You have everything you need inside you, you just have to have believe that it is there.

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Whenever something bad happens and people ask me if I’m coping, I reply “what does it mean to not cope?” You will conquer everything that stands in your way, because you are an individual. The only thing you can ever control is yourself, so make sure you do so to perfection.

Also, listen to ACDC – particularly Thunderstruck. Great motivational music.

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Find your strength in Jesus Christ and the scriptures. It is for free as well

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@rjc Christianity teaches that humans are weak, innately evil beings that need a god to save them from their utterly hopeless selves. Not exactly conducive to finding strength, is it?

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It’s just there. I do what I have to do when I absolutely have to do it. I always seem to rise to the occasion, but that may just be in hindsight. The world is actually incredibly tolerant. You may get down, but as long as you have your life, you can get back up again. I don’t try to cheer myself up or cheer myself along. I know that I’ll do whatever I need to. I always have.

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Music and good books.

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I find my strength in nature, my solace in creating, my peace in solitude and my motivation is in taking the ashes of failure and making my life better using them as fertilizer.

When life kicks you down catch your breath and then stand strong- one day at a time or one minute at a time. Do not let anything or anyone tell you keep you down- Not even yourself.

Welcome back

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from these massive guns. kisses biceps

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You can take strength in the fact that many people out here can relate to what you’re going through on some level, and have come through to the other side happier and wiser. So you’ll be all right, honestly! Also, we’re sending out good energy your way to help carry you through!


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When I feel like I’m losing control over situations around me, I try to work more since it gives my days structure, it kind of forces me to put on my best face and put forth efforts for others than myself. Work kicks my butt out of self pity mode and gets me on track.

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I find strength in the beauty that I know I have on the inside which you should do as well because I know you have some in you. Also, when my life feels as though it is spinning out of control and that things are going horribly wrong remembering that I have it better than a lot of people in the world. Just a tip when you feel yourself just thinking of every bad thing in your life write down a list of all the positive aspects in your life. I hope that everything works out for the best and remember everyone makes mistakes.

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— Nature.
— Writing (and creative work in general) helps me too—gives me a place to channel the emotions.
— Staying present with the task at hand.
— Staying open to the world. Appreciating small things, small accomplishments.
— Breathe.

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It’s missing?

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usually, i find that trying to prove people wrong is my strength in doing things. i’m stubborn, so if i have at least one person doubt my abilities, i’ll only work that much harder to prove them wrong.

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Thanks guys!! I knew you guys would have all the right things to say!!

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I find strength in loving and hating other people. Also in beautiful moments. I have a lot of inner strength that is probably created by a combination of these in my life. Any way here are my points explained:

I find strength in loving people – Not just say sexual love, but family love and friendship love makes me probably do things I wouldn’t do in normal situations . Recent example is stepping outside of my comfort zone and going to a gay bar with a very good friend.

I find strength in hating people – Although I can put up with a lot of crap from people, eventually they will reach a threshold and I will just lash out. I only remember 2 occasions in my life where this has happened but possibly many other smaller incidents exist. There is quite a lot of strength in the lashing out – but I have enough self control to not cause any proper lasting damage. Maybe just smack them in the face or something. I believe everyone has these moments though.

Beautiful moments – When life is going well (for a change) I like to reflect on it and my depression is sort of reduced for periods which provides me strength to love the world. Probably only happens a few times a year in short (1 week) doses. Depression is a bitch.

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In the dark and quiet places. I am made of staunch stuff, my stubbornness is a big part of my strength. I don’t mind losing a race but quitting is against my rules. I go someplace dark and quiet and decide not to give up and then I don’t.

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Anyone have any experience with Les Brown?

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