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When will olives be ripe in Northern California?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) October 23rd, 2009

I’m looking to pick some olives but don’t know when to go. Anyone cure olives? Anyone live in the Davis/Sacramento area and able to tell me whether the olives on street trees are starting to go from green to black?

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“How long does California Ripe Olive Harvest season last?
Because nature plays the most important role, timing can vary. But in general, harvest season begins in September and goes through October.”

From The California Ripe Olive Committee.

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the timing varies slightly by year, but i moved to corning,ca (2 hours north of sacramento) about a year ago and corning is called the olive city. i have noticed olives being harvested around here since about the end of september. it looks like things might be wrapping up so i’m guessing it will probably go until mid-november. i’ve never cured an olive myself, but i have talked to co-workers (we own an olive orchard, but for olive oil) about the process and apparently it requires lye and some other pretty intense chemicals. you can probably find some olive curing kit on the internet though.

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You can use lye to cure them quickly, but if you’re patient, they can be cured beautifully either packed dry in salt or soaked in a salt brine for several months. Worth trying if you have olives.

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