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I have some pimples on my upper thighs and butt, what can I use to remove them or dissapear them?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) October 25th, 2009 from iPhone

I feel embarrased asking this but I can’t find anything on google, most people answers like this “ew” or “Dunno”. And I think Fluther is full of mature people. Anyways, they started growing when we started to go to the gym, so I guess the sweat helps that, but I want tu use some kind of treatment because they really bother me, I don’t feel comfortable when my husband touches those areas… Please help!!!

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I get the same thing sometimes. I just leave them alone and they eventually go away.

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Same here, some go but others come… If anyone says exfoliate, please explain because I don’t know what that really means..

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Try adding some tea tree oil to your body wash to remove bacteria from your skin after you exercise.

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Perhaps using a sea salt scrub would help keep the pores unclogged. Perspiration makes me break out in unusual places, too.

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@2late2be – I feel your pain. I have rather sensitive skin that seems to break out at the drop of a hat. Inside your pants is a humid environment – okay, that sounds really funny – and for some people, their skin just goes nuts with the buildup of sweat, heat, and oil. I notice less break-outs when I shower at least once a day. I have also successfully used witch hazel to cleanse the area and to dry out the pimples. Basically, you can treat your butt and thighs like your face, if you were to get a break-out there.

Exfoliation is when you use something rough, like a loofa or poof, on your skin to slough off the dead skin cells. People say it makes your skin look less dull. It probably won’t help in your case, because in my experience, exfoliation doesn’t help with pimples, but it does feel good and may help with blackheads.

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I notice that if I scrub with a loofa or a sea sponge my skin stays clearer for longer…maybe that might help. Also, neutrogena makes a body acne wash that I like, it works pretty well in my opinion, but then again I cant speak for all skin types you know?

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@PandoraBoxx Breaking out during perspiration is more then likely how your body cleanses your skin. The bacteria is pushed out and forms pimples.

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Working out can definitely do this but it can be easy to get a handle on.

You need to get a cleansing pad system that has salicylic acid in it. Salicylic acid not only exfoliates, which prevents those pores from getting clogged in the first place, but then also has an acne-fighter in it.

Get a container of these right away and start using them in the offending areas. They’ll make a huge difference.

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Fluther? Full of mature people?!? Haha, you have much to learn, young padawan :)

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Sorry…couldn’t resist!

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Use a mild facial scrub on the areas. That’ll help rid your skin of the bacteria that’s causing the pimples. When they start to go away, use a good moisturizing lotion or cream there.

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Try this stuff . My brother used to wrestle and he would get all these weird pimple-y things from the wrestling mats on his arms and legs. Somehow they spread to me and nothing would really clear them up, but that stuff did the trick. I’m not sure what’s in it that’s any different, but it worked, so i didn’t care.

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Acne, on the face, back or genitals is an infection. If you were a man I would tell you to ‘go commando and use plenty of medicated powder (something like gold bond). Daily cleaning with a shower puff or rough wash cloth. With Men it is real common on the back and inner thighs when they wear cotton drawers. Keeping the area moist and stuff encourages pores to clog and get infected. Sometimes a change in what soap you are using also causes this. try an astringent occasionally and see how that helps.

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It could be ingrown hairs, so exfoliation could help. Add the tea tree oil that @Facade mentioned and you may have a winning combo.

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Neutrogena “On the spot” acne treatment works great.

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Try using witch hazel its cheap and it works ^_^

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