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Do DC Metro farecards ever expire?

Asked by erikaVT (207points) October 26th, 2009

I went downtown yesterday, but put too much money on my fare card- so it has like $4.00 left on it. I don’t use the metro very often; will my fare card expire or can I just use it up whenever I go back?

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The way I remember it they don’t expire. I have not lived there in a long time though.

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I’ve used one that was months old, but I don’t know about ever.

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You can just use it whenever you go back. If it were me, I’d give it to a random passenger or a homeless person as an act of charity. If I tried to keep one for ages, I’d probably crumple it and mess up the magnetic strip or just lose it.

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@Haleth Someone actually gave me the card with 60 cents on it and I just added to it. But as a poor college student, I kind of have a hard time getting rid of a $4 card..

I’ll just keep in and try to use it when I go back. Thank you guys so much!

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If it’s the plastic one you have to pay for on top of the fare, then I doubt it will expire and you should definitely keep it. You can always ask in a metro station, or even call metro.

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The metrocard won’t expire, but the money on it will be gone: I had balance on the card gone once after about a year not using it.

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