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What is the best way to light a living room with a high ceiling?

Asked by jdvanderk (155points) February 5th, 2008

Its not too large of a room, but theres no ceiling fixture and the lamps we have do not give enough light, looking for a way to brightly illuminate the space

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Metal stands with flaming torches. :-)

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Well, assuming your ceiling is a color that reflects a lot of light (mainly, white), then I would suggest that you find some lamps that project light up at the ceiling. The ceiling itself will then reflect (most of) the light back down at you, thus illuminating the room.

I’ve got a large living room with a vaulted ceiling, and I picked up some lamps from Ikea and removed the lampshade. It works great.

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if you have the $$$, recessed lighting would be best.

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natural light such as skylights or windows.

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Look for chandeliers or pendant lights that aren’t hardwired into the ceiling, but come with a plug-in cord instead. Check Ikea.

Plug it in, affix it to the ceiling in some sort of classy way (such as hooks, etc.) and then supplement that light with warm table lamps. You’ll get the light you need without creating a horrible, harsh, overhead lighting effect.

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1. Natural Lighting
2. Floor Lamp
3. Pot lights (recessed into the floor so they are flushed… awfully expensive)

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If you can install recessed lighting with dimmer switches, that would be great. otherwise I think hanging light fistures would be a good bet.

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Attach a light bulb to celing n take the wire in plug it into any outlet

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