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How do I get my Sony Viao to recognize my optical drive?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) February 5th, 2008

i have a sony viao. I recently preformed a system recovery, and now it says that i have no supported drive detected. niether the CD nor DVD drive are showing up. ... is there any way i can “reinstall” them? or at least make my computer see that they are there?

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thats weird… If you havnt got anything to loose, reinstall again. Should do the trick unless the drive is faulty/loose

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That is the common problem,on XP,when You uninstall some Rip/Burn program.The easiest way is to download some shareware Burning program (or if you have on USB Flash,..),and install it-and the problem would be solved.

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Do you have the correct drivers for the laptop? If you don’t have to much stuff on it, you could try a re-installation of XP. If you want to try re-installing the driver go to:… and find your model, then download the correct drivers.

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thanks everyone! main problem was that i couldn’t reinstall windows if i didn’t have an optical drive… fortunately the sony website had a section where i could reinstall features that came stock on the computer… so it’s all good now. but you have all been so helpful, this is why i love fluther.

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