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How do I get into fashion design?

Asked by five99one (741points) October 27th, 2009

I’m not asking how to get into the business. I’m asking where to get started on it as a hobby. I know a little about sewing (I’m familiar with a sewing machine and have sewn a few things) but that’s about it. So where do I start?

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Go to a fabric store. Buy a simple pattern and fabric. Follow it! As you get better, you’ll be able to alter patterns and store-bought clothing to make things exactly the way you want them. Once you get REAL good, you’ll be able to design your own patterns using your own measurements.

But the first step to this is getting better at knowing how clothes are put together, and the best way to do that is to just start sewing.

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@fireinthepriory So just make a bunch of clothes that aren’t that great and no one is ever going to wear, for practice?

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It’s difficult, and few make it. Apply to design school once you have practiced as @fireinthepriory said.

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@five99one I didn’t say that. Choose a pattern that you would wear, make it in your size, and then wear it. If it comes out terribly, then it comes out terribly, but you need to practice in order to learn how to make clothing. You can’t start out making awesome clothing using some magical technique. It’s not easy.

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@five99one VOGUE sells patterns. If you’re interested in fashion you should know that.

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Go to a fashion school to such as F.I.T.

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In my experience, fashion design have very little to do with actually constructing the finished article. Purchase a good fashion design solftware program, join a fashion design club.

I got into costume design by altering patterns and clothing that already existed, and just went on from there. I was a member of the Fantasy Costume Guild for several years. Some of my designs won contests in the late 1960’s.

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