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Ideas for decorating a long narrow hallway?

Asked by occ (4036points) October 27th, 2009

The hallway is too narrow to fit anything horizontal like a bench or shelf… looking for ideas for wall decorations that would make the space look homey without being overwhelming in that type of space.

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Personally I would turn it into A long, formal art gallery. But I may be bias.

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If the floor is hardwood, consider buying a bold runner. It’ll make a statement and the hallway will pop. Other than that, the only thing I can think if is decorating the walls with some artwork. Maybe add a detail on the walls (like a chair rail). That will make it a bit more interesting and won’t take up any room at all.

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I agree with the art. :)

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sconces that are pretty? i dunno

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Also, if there is lighting in the hallway, consider replacing a boring light fixture with one that makes a statement.

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Family photos might work well here.

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I would put up wainscoting at about 2½ft high. Paint the lower part a muted green (energizing yet calm) and the upper part a very light cream to make the space feel more open.

Add some photos in black and white to keep the space from being overwhelmed with color. Maybe one photo on the right wall, further at the mouth of the hallway; one on the left further down to give balance and keep the hall feeling open.

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If you don’t have the funds for art, you could always liven it up with a paint job. Wide bands of color, horizontal or vertical would be lively.

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I have seen mirrors (which I normally dislike in rooms) be very effective in narrow halls. It was in a designer studio apt. I once saw, and one apt. was not fixed up, and was quite uninteresting. The other exact same layout had a mirror alone the long wall, and it was fabulous. Changed everything.

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You could send a picture into Re-Nest and have them (and commenters) suggest things. (It happens quite often, and there are usually some very good suggestions.)

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What’s the wall material and covering? Paneling, painted sheet rock, wallpaper?

How about a scenic wall mural?

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I’ve got some some very shallow ledge shelves with some candles and stuff on it. One day I will actually finish decorating my apartment, but those shelves were a start!

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You could start a Victorian curio cabinet, or find box frames and use them to display your found objects. Anything old, vintage, crusty-looking, or that has no apparent use is fair game.

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Warm colours, such as red or orange, if you like them. I feel like that makes it warm and friendly. Or a mural!

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Very shallow ledge shelves (like those from Pottery Barn, et al) with a variety of framed photos, small pictures and curios arranged on them.

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art, mirrors, maybe some nice sconce lighting, what is the ceiling like? if its plain (or worse “popcorn” ceilings like mine), you can use a clay-based adhesive, textured wallpaper , and either keep it white or use a metallic paint to get a faux-metal ceiling. some nice moulding (crown and maybe even some chair-rail) could dress it up too.

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Stickers like these or a candle holder like this I think they’re rather homey…

and flat.

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For inexpensive art, use material stretched over an artist frame and stapled. You can maybe do a huge one with a light above it.

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If you want to decorate a long narrow hallway then you can get amazing and creative ideas through Internet as there are several websites available that provides great decorating ideas that will make you hall room more attractive and beautiful.

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If you’d like to make it look more spacious, use large mirrors (on one wall only)

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