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How to survive high school?

Asked by clairedete (331points) February 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I am a little more than half way through my senior year and could not be more bored. I need cheap/free things to do with friends, especially in the winter. Re-live your teen years, suggestions please.

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I suggest reading. There is a wealth of knowledge out there waiting to be discovered. You can’t go wrong with reading.

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gosh i’m so ready for it to be over. i guess it depends on your hobbies. i’m a photographer and so that really helps me out [;
reading’s def good.
just be sure to be with your close friends before a lot of things change (college, etc. . .)
you never know what can happen

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Sneaking into movies, hanging out at each other’s houses…generally delinquent behavior ;) just don’t get caught.

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I would say to chill with as many of your friends as you can. You might say that it’s not doing “anything”, but cherish the lack of responsibilities you have now. There will be so many damn little things you are obligated to do that keep you from hanging out care free.

It’s kinda like in 8th grade when you thought it was so hard, but then you got to 9th grade, and when you look back you’re like, “Man, now I realize how easy 8th grade was. If only had I known that back then!”. That’s alot of how carefree you can be now.

Take that to heart and think about it. There is a whole world of burdens out there waiting for you.

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I think most of the stuff we did was illegal. Wouldn’t recommend that.

I second the reading idea. I wish I had time to read all the books I want to read now.

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It is the “easiest” time of you life. Enjoy it!

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If you are bored, then you’ve got a great opportunity to cultivate your own sense of what is interesting to you. Show up, do your classwork, etc and finish out the year, but don’t let your time get sucked up by stuff that doesn’t interest you. Instead, give yourself a little space to think about something (or things) new that you’d like to try, something that suits your personality and style.

Decide that you are going to absorb everything you can about a particular field (fashion, a period in history, how gadgets work, psychology and what makes people tick, whatever, so long as it is exciting to you and holds your interest.

Do you volunteer at all? Try that. Try doing it with a population that interests you (elderly, poor, health-impaired, homeless).

As far as things to do with friends: karaoke, start a cheesy band (you could even do it with improvised instruments from the garage or whatever), have game nights or tournaments of some kind, people watch and make up stories about their lives.

Boredom is (quite obviously) a sign that you need change, but it’s also a sign that you need to get quiet and put your imagination to work.

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I agree whole-heartedly with Kevbo. I’d pursue every single interest or whim you currently have. I would have gone to more museums, gone on more day-trips, visited more art galleries and done field-trippy sorts of things – in addition to taking up an instrument, or photography lessons.

I’d also take the extra time to start tacking on some real, marketable work experience to help get you through college. Take on a part-time job learning all the basics of customer service, office work, business machines, or another field. You have no idea how much acquiring real skills now will set you apart from the rest of your classmates before and after school.

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You will never believe you even ASKED this question once you hit the “real world”. What I would not GIVE to be back in high school. No responsibilities. No worries. No bills. No rent. No boss. No anoying co-workers. Nothing. SUMMER BREAK. I think its called nirvana.

My fave times were always hanging with the people I liked. I did not care what we did if anything. It was great to just chill, or listen to music. Course there were (omg ready?) no computers, no cell phones, no texting, no myspace, facebook etc. All we had were tv, radio, videos (on tv only) and walkmans. Sad very. Saying one is bored is just an excuse, mostly I attribute it to the over stimulation of kids these days. If they are not always “on” then they think something is wrong. Most of them cannot even stand to be by themselves.

ps – if you get a job, you can afford to do more stuff

was bored out of my skull in high school (and yes, I did have a job, got good grades, did after-school activities, etc.) and lived in a very small town.

A majority of U.S. high school students say they get bored in class every day, and more than one out of five has considered dropping out


Just the other day I heard a snippet about the national teacher’s union supposedly lobbying for an extra year of high school. Why on earth they want to add another layer to

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not that this is so related, but where do you want to go to college? or do you already know where you are going?

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Quality time with friends outdoors-go hiking, mountain trails, wilderness, or anywhere you can commune with natural settings-all of the above are true about the real world-sometimes you just need to “de-gauss” or “unplug” or as folks in the gen previous to mine would say “tune out”...gain some clarity through reflection, reading and soul searching.

Best of all enjoy time with your friends…you will remember these times if they are well spent connecting and mind-melding. Developing positive coping skills when dealing with stress (sometimes masked as boredom) can be life-long assets for your health and aligning personal values and priorities.

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@ezraglenn – I’m going to DePaul University in Chicago, completely getting away from my current surroundings (mpls Minnesota) which is possibly responsible for my current mood cuz I am so ready to be done & get a completely new start.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the freedom I have now but I am so ready to get away from the high school drama and cliquey bullshit.
For the rest of you, I do have an after school job which takes up at least 4 nights a week and I participate in choir which takes up some time. But thank you for your suggestions, I know I just need to make the best of it and try to like the people around me ha.

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i have to agree with clairedete. yeah you might not have bills to pay, etc. but highschool is usually full of a lot of cliques and less and less unique people expressing their talents just to conform and be sheepish.

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