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Wooly Worms - The school of thought is the the less brown the harsher the winter,?

Asked by Skippy (2166points) October 29th, 2009

So what are they looking like in your area?

In southwest Ohio, the two I’ve seen recently have been almost totally black, saying we are in for a rough winter.

Do you think this is a true gauge to forecast the upcoming winter season, or just an old wives tale?

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I have seen only one wooly caterpillar (they are not worms, BTW) and it had some black, but more brown. Like a low-waisted dress…the black being the skirt. Get back to me in ?April.

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“Research has shown repeatedly that the colors or hairs of wooly worms have no bearing on weather the following winter.”

More than you ever wanted to know about wooly worms

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We saw one as well. It was blackish and orange.

@syz now come on we were having fun… you could have pooped on the party later~

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I’ve seen two this fall. one was almost completely black and the other was completely orange. So we’re in for one roller coaster of a winter up here in mideastern MN!

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Wait for Punxatawny Phil if you want a real forecast.

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I haven’t seen any in ages, but thanks for reminding me of that old wives tale. I haven’t thought about it in a long time. It was fun looking for woooly bears to predict the weather, even if it isn’t true!!

@pdworkin by the time we see Phil, it will be too late! But he is always a sight for sore eyes after a long hard winter. :)

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