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How do you feel when you get PM's?

Asked by IBERnineD (7309points) October 29th, 2009

I got a comment today and made me think…

For me, I immediately get anxious. I don’t get many pm’s to begin with, so when I see that I have new comments I get nervous that it may be bad news. I was wondering if anyone has my issue or maybe you let them build up and never check them. When you sign into Fluther and there are new comments for you, do you get excited? Do you get pm’s a lot?

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i get excited. usually my PMs are cool and not at all stalkerish.

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Aw I like them haha

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I’m a man. I don’t get PMs.

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I always think I’m in trouble, but I never am. I don’t get many.

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I too rarely get them. When I do, I always assume I’ve pissed someone off. Surprisingly, they’re mostly very nice.

Of course, I’m always happy to get them from good jellies such as yourself Miss @IBERnineD

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I love those little green exclimation marks! Gimmie ^_^ – LB

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Don’t get me wrong I’ve never had a mean one sent to me. My mind just automatically goes to “oh crap you are in trouble.” When I do get PM’s though, I feel great for like a week afterwards. It’s just the initial shock of recieving one that gets me.

I think I also get nervous, because I used to get a lot of stalkerish ones. Those jellies are gone now though so I don’t get them anymore

@cprevite you are one of the lovely jellies who sends me the best ones! I will have to start sending you more!

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I rarely get them as well (I guess I’m not one of the chosen ones!). I get fluthered flustered, it’s all so exciting.
And then I wake up 2 hours later and check it, to find out it’s another PM from Allie proclaiming her love for me.

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I rarely get them; so when I do see one, I smile… I haven’t had any issues with disagreements, moderation, or stalkers; so it usually is someone sending a nice note or a side comment relative to an answer I’ve posted.

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I get excited because most of the PM’s I have received have been very nice! There are also a couple of people with whom I communicate regularly via PM, so I tend to think it is one of those folks. @IBERnineD your inbox is about to piled with “here’s a nice PM for you!” type messages!

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@PapaLeo , I read it as PMS too!

I like PM’s,.....
I think.

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@wilma I was afraid of using PM’s for that exact reason lol

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I thought you were talking about PMS!!! No, I don’t get hateful PM’s. Well, I have a couple of times, but I just ignore them. It doesn’t affect me at all, except to think, “What a jerk!”

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I get super anxious/excited, because it’s always either something really nice and awesome or something so cruel it couldn’t be said out in the open.

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I get excited! I don’t get them very often and they’re always something nice that makes my day.

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I feel like someone was thinking of me, which is great.

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I get anxious too @IBERnineD. I don’t know why because 99% of them are from friends that I have made here or nice comments from new users, but I have received a few odd pm’s now and then. Some rude and some just confusing as heck. I received one the other day from someone I didn’t recognize and the message just read “SURPRISE”. I checked the profile of the user and their account was deleted. strange

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@jonsblond That is creepy! I would probably turn around to see if someone was behind me!

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Jeez, guys. Get a hobby. i was accused once here (PM) of being a male pedophile.

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PM’s are great! Most of the ones I get are regarding what the hell my name means.

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I love getting private messages! Usually… well… almost always they are nice ones. In fact I got my first difficult one in this past week. But it was nice, because someone was checking out their interpretation of something I had written before they went and got all medieval on my ass. My private explanation seemed to clear up a misunderstanding.

Other than that, when someone wants to say something to me personally, it makes me inordinately happy. I feel like it means they like me or care about me, or appreciated something I said and those are things I can never get enough of. Although I do find it odd when they take the time to thank me in a PM, but I’ve gotten no lurve!?! I’m never sure how to interpret that.

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Great when they’re solid.

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Oh, I’m sorry. You said P Ms.

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Uh @AstroChuck That was Pee Em Ess, not Bee Em Ess! ;-)

[Edit] dammit, man! Can’t you let another person get the straight line (or crooked one) every once in a while????

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I kinda use them like the “wall” from Facebook so I get a couple every few days but they’re never important.

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I first read this question as “How do you feel when you get PMS?” And, I was like ”‘grrrl, lemme tell ya….”

But, PMs? Yes, I get them. I’m usually excited. They’re mostly from Fluther friends, and we message back and forth.

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I rarely get PM’s, but when I do I like them. I like that someone took the time to write me directly.

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I love getting PM’s. I don’t get many that often so when I do it’s pretty special. My favorite one recently was from someone I sent a letter to saying they’d received it. That made me happy.
@Sarcasm I love you.

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@jmah I also thought it said PMS, LOL. I thought..I don’t get PMS anymore. Na, na, na.

But PM’s? I LOVE them. I’ve never had a nasty one. But I don’t SEND nasty ones, so why should I GET any? I just LURVE everyone here. well, ALMOST everyone

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Wait…we ARE talking about the comments section here, right?

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@Val123 Yes, the comments

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@jbfletcherfan Just checkin’!

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@Val123 Yep…you got it. :-)

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PMs are 97% of the time positive for me, so I get very excited. Yes, I received a perverted one once asking for nude pictures of me, but that was one out of the many that I have received (though I don’t receive them too often, which is part of what makes them more exciting). I love talking to people through PM because it is often more personal and that is something I do enjoy.

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Is anybody but me sending out PMs to random people because of this thread??!! I just sent DK a negative one to keep his stats good. (It just said “This is a negative PM.” Cause I wuv him!)

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I asked this same question awhile ago.

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@gailcalled once someone thought I was a teen aged boy ;)

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@SpatzieLover: You mean you’re not? Whoops.

i find the PMs that say“thanks for the good answer” to be waste of time for me and the sender.

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@gailcalled Oh no you’ve figured me out

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I’m kinda new here.
I’ve only ever gotten one PM.
Should I feel bad?
It was a nice one and I liked it.

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I lurve them, so far nothing untoward.

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@Everyone I say we should PM IBERnineD

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I love them. Especially the ridiculously obscure ones.

And then I write back and never get a reply.


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@tinyfaery I didn’t know you had already asked it! I searched for questions like it and I couldn’t find any! I’m sorry!

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@IBERnineD there’s no way you could’ve searched unless you’d have looked under “comments for you”....I always call ‘em PM’s in my head, too

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They make me smile :)

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@SpatzieLover what do you mean when you say “there’s no way you could’ve searched”. I use the search feature at the top of the page many times when looking for other similar questions and often find some

SpatzieLover's avatar

@YARNLADY because she calls them PM’s, not comments. I call them the same thing, so I’d never think to search “comments for you”. I search topics too. @tinyfaery‘s question does not come up if you look for PM or PM’s, though.

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@SpatzieLover and @yarnlady and @IbernineD I am now getting a confusion headache.

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@Val123 basically I wasn’t aware @tinyfaery had asked a the same question. I searched for my question and anything about PM’s but not “comments for you.” So I wasn’t aware of hers.

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@IBERnineD I think the comments about searching actually mean that unless you search for exactly the right words, you will not find other questions about the subject. It happens to me all the time.

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Pre-moderator: Loved to get them. Except from Andrew… I always thought I was in trouble when I saw something from him. ;-)

Post-moderator: I open w/ trepidation… it’s a 50/50 shot on whether it will be a nice PM from a friend or newcomer or a complaint PM – which vary from very mild to downright vicious.

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@IBERnineD That question was asked almost a year ago. No biggie. I think you’ll be forgiven :)

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@IBERnineD I could care less if people ask the same question over and over every day! I mean really—if I’ve never seen the question before, then it’s totally new to me, and as far as I’m concerned it’s never been asked before! Plus, you’re going to get totally, completely different answers the second (or third or fourth) time around. That’s kind of up there with getting off topic to me. I don’t quite understand the issue… damnit. I’m causing issues again and I really don’t mean to! I’m a conformist! Really I am! This shit just happens to me and I don’t know why!

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@Val123 My main objection to duplicate questions is that if I see only one of them, I am missing out on half the answers. It really isn’t fair to have answers to the same question scattered out all over the place.

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@YARNLADY I do wish there was a feature that would somehow tie or link them together other than doing a manual search

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But….even if you find a question from two years ago, and comment on it, it’s not going to send it to the main page, and most people will miss it.

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@Val123: Isn’t one of the new desktop features a tab that will sort by recent activity? I’m not on the desktop often, but I thought I saw that… :-/

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It makes my day. It’s like getting a package in the mail. I love it.

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@andrew I sent you a PM today. I haven’t heard back with an answer….....????

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I don’t get them very often so i have to agree with @andrew… it’s kinda like geting a package in the mail!
hint hint @IBERnineD

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@jbfletcherfan he’s one of those jerks I was referring to earlier

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@Grisaille Hmmm…if I don’t get an answer, I’ll go to Ben. He’s always answered me.

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@jbfletcherfan maybe your PM should have been directed collectively to “Bendrim” instead of @andrew

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@andrew: Instead of passively waiting for mail that may not arrive, how about doing something positive, like starting a web site?

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Wouldn’t know.

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@Dr_C Got my answer this morning. :-)

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: do away with the rest of the site if you must, but preserve the PMs. I’ve just responded to 18 and sent an additional dozen with dozens more intended from my heart, tho they must, regretfully, wait another day. As I PM’d the Zebra man a bit ago, there are some jellies who are extremely open in all their posts, so much so, that I feel I truly “know” them, and have grown to love and respect them, from their posts alone….that Zebra man and daloon immediately come to mind. But the PM system has brought so many more of you close to me and forged friendships that are much stronger than the word “cyber” could have ever intended. And for that, Andrew & Co., and all of you, thank you….I am eternally grateful. See ya….Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther I am always charmed by your posts! :0)

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I love getting PM’s from you @whatthefluther. They always put a smile on my face!

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@whatthefluther I WANNA PM FROM YOU TOO!!!! WAAAA!!

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