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What will be the implications of the 'Lisbon Treaty'?

Asked by Butlersloss (68points) October 29th, 2009

-Assuming the Treaty is ratified by all the states and passes the remaining obstacles, what we be the effect on the UK? Is the EU good for the UK?

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I think the EU is good for the UK. Better in fact, for bigger countries than smaller. Popular or no, closer economic cooperation and political consolidation will only help in the long run.

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The biggest importance IMO, is that the treaty will clean up some of the mess that has built up during the years. It will strengthen institutions and IMO European democracy.

The EU is good for Europe. For some countries it has a bigger importance and impact, whereas the benefits vary. Yes, it is good for the UK in the long run. There is a big world outside of Europe, and the countries we depend on the most are the fellow European.

We are Europeans, and the Union is our family. We have a long and – in parts dreadful – common history, and in the Union we will meet the future together.

The Union needs to be seen as a democracy project. The only way to legitimize European democracy is to go and vote.

This Union project is not unique. Most of the world is either a union or soon following steps, making their own union.

It’s not so much a matter if the union is good for us as it is, but how we can improve it. That’s what needs to be important; for us, and our children.

The Union is not going away. If you have a problem with the Union, change it!

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It will mean we are closer to becoming a type one civilization. Also the EU will now become a super power. More so than it already is.

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How on earth do we change it when we were denied a chance to even vote on it. The reason our (UK) government denied us the democratic right of a vote to give away so many of our powers was because they knew we would reject it. We were promised a vote on this issue prior to the last general election, and we were then sold out. The Lisbon Treaty has been forced on us, in what way is that democratic? The Irish rejected it and were told that vote didn’t count lets hold another one (and they had said if they had rejected it again there was to be another vote). Democracy no longer exists here.

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