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I found pigeon feathers & poop in my house.. No open windows what does this mean?

Asked by angelstepsdc1 (14points) October 29th, 2009

They came out of nowhere and I KNOW that all my windows are closed. & they were on a specific side of the room…
Here are pictures..

If you Know Anything about this.. Please Write Back!

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I think it was a prank.

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According to Barbara Walters…it’s the chimney or the exhaust hole in your home (it happened to her in her Ritzy NYC apt).

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Have you checked the chimney?

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I know I didn’t put them there.

Do you have a cat door? Do you also live alone or is there someone else who has access to your place? Do you have a chimney and is the top protected with a chimney cap?

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they don’t have to be coming from out side. check your attic

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This means you need to get busy cleaning. Fast.

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Actually, pigeons can teleport. That’s why magicians use white ones in their acts.

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Ya I’d say check the chimney.

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BTW-have you found it dead some where yet? It prolly killed itself trying to get back out to freedom

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I would imagine you have a hole in your roof; they are possible nesting in the loft

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I think it means pigeon for dinner.

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You’ve had a visit from an angel…

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We get birds in our attic all the time. Don’t know how they get in.

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The chimney is nowhere Near there.. and im serious. this is creepy not funny.

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Wow, that’s a lot of feathers. It reminds me of the piles of feathers we find in the yard after a cat or a hawk has successfully caught its lunch. Do you have a cat?

I think others are right, and you either have pigeons under the roof or in the chimney. Clean it well, and do a complete inspection. It had to come from somewhere and leave somewhere. Don’t be too creeped out. It’s just a bird, and there’s a logical explanation. Good luck!

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If you have a chimney and it does not have a chimney cap, the pigeon could have gotten into the house, found the window and tried to escape, losing feathers in the process.

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In the pictures, it looks like it is near some sort of air vent/heater. Did you just recently turn the heater on? If so it could have blown some old feathers and poop out of it.

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@angelstepsdc1 The chimney locale has NO bearing on where the feathers and poop are…You need a roofer or an exterminator to replace/affix your chimney cap.

The feathers and poo are an indication of the bird hitting into your windows or a mirror to exit.

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Squab. You have been invaded by squab. Feathers and poop are the sure signs of a squab invasion. You could burn candles, but it won’t help. You could call a priest, but it won’t help. You could get some duck sauce, but that’s just wrong. Golly, I hate when this happens . . . particularly so close to the holidays . . .

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Did you check your down pillow? Maybe it leaked?

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Could be Tippi Hedren’s disorder.
The feathers indicate the bird was in distress, or being eaten by your cat.

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@forestGeek If she has poopies in her pillows…..well, her issues are bigger than a chimney leak! ;P

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@SpatzieLover – you never know these days, with cheap labor and all! ;)

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I gave you the spooky answer.

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The answer will not have anything to do with spirituality. Metaphysical birds do not have real feathers.

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….pigeon’s carry many disease, you should be careful

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especially fleas

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I’d start wearing a clove of garlic around my neck immediately!

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Evidently they got a copy of your key. Change your losks.

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I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this. We were waiting until you were older….your parents….well it was a trip to New York city…your father was…well there’s a reason you coo in your sleep…

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First it was slugs, now pigeons. What’s next? What is happening? This all sounds like a really bad Revenge of Nature horror movie.

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Don’t forget the worm in the guy’s house last night.

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@pdworkin I can’t…And I like worms. I’d be freaked out if one was on my kitchen floor

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Apparently animal invasions, like deaths, come in 3’s. Weird.

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I wonder if this is related to the slugs in my sink?

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@loser Eeuww – gross!

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@Psychedelic_Zebra and the mouse in the car.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Slugs and pigeons and worms, Oh my!

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I just want to say, that I believe you, and experienced something similar yesterday…i walked into my house to hear a major comotion in my living rom. I have weather proofing plastic on my windows for winter, and assumed somehow maybe the wind blew the plastic off, only to find a live pigeon flapping aimlesly in the plastic. I screamed when I saw it, and then it started flying around my living rom trying to get out of any window. I have NO idea how it got in my house, as I said, it’s winter and I even have that plastic seal over my windows. It was terrifying, and I’m really hoping it doesn’t happen again, but, I went through my house, examined all the windows, and just don’t get it…theres no chimney, I’m on the second floor…idk…

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