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How do I keep myself motivated to do well in school?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) October 29th, 2009

It’s my senior year now, and I feel as lazy as ever. I want to go out and do a ton of memorable things, but I also have to worry about my future. I’m not as smart as my older sibling, and I feel quite hopeless. It was just brought to my attention that I need a certain mark in a certain class in order for me to get into what I want for University, so I’ll most likely have to re-take that class to get a better mark =(. How do I keep myself motivated with school? I feel as if I slack off any more, then I’ll regret it in the future and it will greatly affect me. I know what I have to do, but the problem is, I can’t get myself to do it… Any helpful suggestions that can help me be more motivated or change my lazy habits?

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My senior year was my laziest year, but the only thing that kept me motivated, was thinking about how successful I could see myself in the future. Just do your homework, and don’t wit till the last minute. Also, make it fun.
You’re not your older sibling. You are you, and that is all that matters. Do it for yourself.

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Take a look at these stats.

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@holden why is it that men earn more than women if they have the same degree!! That just pissed me off. (I’m not blaming you of course, just venting).

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@curiouscat to answer your question, you’re the closest you’ve ever been to finally finishing school.. think about your future and remember, if you blow it, you’re going to regret it for a very long time.

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Go do what ever you feel like doing. Just be ready to work your ass off when you get to college.

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Sounds like you’re already regretting your slacking. I find one of the worst feelings is when I get down on myself about something I know I SHOULD be doing. Try not slacking for a week and see how much better you feel about yourself. My friends were always smarter than me when I was in school, but it’s not always the smartest one who finishes first. Sometimes it’s the one who sticks in there and tries harder. Sometimes it’s the one who has a better sense of humor. Never give up on yourself! Find some great affirmations to say and apply yourself… you’ll feel much better!

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LIFE HINT: No one cares about how you did in high school. Once you get into college the slate is wiped clean.

So as long as you can get into a respectable college you’ll be fine.

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@curiouscat, have you started looking for a job for after graduation, or applying to grad school? That can be a great motivator.

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AMPHETAMINES are a really bad idea.

Play a sport or learn to love the sport of reading.

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Don’t be like me, asking, reading and answering questions on Fluther instead of doing schoolwork.

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Make goals for yourself.. some short term(1–2 weeks) and some long term. always review them and make sure you’re on track to getting to your goals. If I know I have an exam in 2 weeks, I put a goal for myself to study 1 hour every night for that exam. If you think about the rewards that studying will bring then you shouldn’t have that much of a hard time actually doing it. I know that that’s how it is for me.

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do well, or end up in some lousy minimum wage physical labor job. That’s the best motivation I can give you. They always need fork lift drivers at the local trucking warehouse.

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My technical training started in the Navy. They had an excellent incentive system. If you flunked out you ended up at sea washing dishes and painting for the next 4 years. That kept me highly motivated.

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