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Can you help us get a rug for the Fluther office?

Asked by andrew (16358points) October 30th, 2009

We’re about to paint the floors a glossy white; the ceiling is adorned with an art mobile.

I’m looking for a nice carpet, possibly round, not too big (maybe 6×9’), maybe with a modern look to it.

It should be a fairly low height, though, so that we can skootch around on it. Nothing super-super expensive.

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Try or visit your local charity thrift store. You are in for a pleasant surprise.

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Home Depot online should have some choices, even IKEA online.

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I kinda like this one, and it’s on sale! There are plenty of other ones to choose from if you browse around the site.

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I didn’t know fluther had an office… wow.

White for the walls? D: That makes the room feel small – I’d go with something warmer, personally. Just saying. ^^

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For a minute I thought you wanted a toupée. Was thinking perhaps you and Ben were going bald.

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How about ordering a custom Latch Hook Rug kit, with the image of Dr. J?

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Do you want a bearskin, you know, for the poses?

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Shaw Floors is running an online Instant Win Game to win a free rug. They have some pretty modern looking ones. Certainly worth a shot to try to win.

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Wow….the Fluther office….sounds kinda fun :)

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Woah, that’s a sweet mobile! The walls and ceiling in your office have a spacious, industrial look to them. The only colors in there so far are the white walls and the red mobile, right? I think this one from Crate and Barrel might match. But it might look better if you got something more old-fashioned like an Oriental rug. If you pick up the bright colors in the mobile in the carpet it might be an assault on the eyes, and you guys have to work there. If you got a monochrome carpet, your office will be nothing but solid colors. Oriental rugs, especially antique ones, seem to fade over time to subdued browns and reds. I like the juxtaposition of antique furniture in a modern setting, and patterns with solids. Ikea has a nice version, and it might feel better than buying an antique rug. My parents used to have one and the material is weirdly bristly, and not great for sitting on.

Edit: Now that I look at the picture again, maybe modern isn’t the right word. From the wall, it looks like an older space that was refurbished, so maybe minimalist would better describe it. I always wished I could live in an artist loft that used to be a warehouse or a factory or something.

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I sort of like this one, and it’s on sale, too. But then, this one is cool, too, and it is also on sale.

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I say you head to a medical surgeon’s deposit site. Just stitch together some skin left over from tummy tucks.

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I like the mobile for sure. The place has sort of a beachy feel, maybe one of those woven twine types would look good.

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When you say skootch around on it, do you mean in office chairs, or in a more toddler type of skootch? I say check your local Habitat for Humanities Restore outlet.

aw crap, I just imagined Ben and Andrew in adult-sized Huggies™, someone get me a sharp stick so I can poke out my mind’s eye.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra <————————

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Cut up all your old pants, jeans, suits, and jackets into long 4” wide strips. Fold in thirds, then have Basil make you a braided, round rug.

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I think that Darwin’s suggestion….the first one with the rust design is a good one….it matches the origami mobile quite well…..I’d go with that or something similar. It’s the “Fusion Rust” rug. Rust is contemporary, earthy and quite mod. And the prices are really reasonable.

You will have to check to see what the pile is on it…is it short pile rug or longer pile rug? Call and ask. That way you won’t suffer from “skoochus interruptus.” :)

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@YARNLADY thanks, hun, you’re a dear!

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I think you need something black to contrast your white floors and to set off that beautiful mobile. it does show dirt, but you have a janitor to vacuum every day don’t you?

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@Psychedelic_Zebra No, I think by skootch, they mean like a dog with tape worms…hehehe..

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@Judi I like that a lot. This really caught my eye. And I mean, c’mon. Look at the name.

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@andrew Whenever I see this question I keep wanting to contribute the 37 cents I found getting jeans out of the washer.

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I was thinking a little darker, bolder, but That could work. this is fun bit you may need some art that blends the orange and the red. I have an orange rug, a fire engine red red and black coffee tale, chocolate brown walls, and bamboo floors. I was worried about the red and orange, but I found art that Incorporated both the red and orange and it just pops!
Mind if I keep looking? I’m having fun here. you can’t beat the name on the one you like though. it may be fate.

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This one is a little less bold but has some dimension and character to it. It’s still pretty black though.

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I really like the one @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities linked. Looks like deep ocean water… perfect for jellies. However, you may want to look for a commercial grade, low pile carpet. Made just for skootching.

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What about this one?

Or perhaps this.

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Flor allows for some creativity. :)

I just discovered the design your own. Guess we know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day until Halloween gets cranked up!

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I don’t know how Bendrew is going to be able to choose. There are a lot of great rugs out there.

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@AstroChuck those are just plain weird

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@AstroChuck that first one was pretty cool.

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Whatever you decide, I think this Jellyfish lamp has to be an addition to the office as well.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I like this one. All five color are cool. :)

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Was a rug ever decided on?

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Ooh, and if so, pictures please.

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By the way, what rug did you finally get?

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