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How can I get ripped/toned like the hollister and abercrombie models?

Asked by jdogg (871points) October 30th, 2009 from iPhone

I know this sounds like I’m insecure, but I’m truly not, I just want to try something new and I would like to know what I need to do to accomplish this. I know working out and eating big are mandatory but what are some good helpful tips. Please no negative/judgemental comments.

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(Not entirely kidding…)

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Oh, no, you don’t need steroids. You just need Photoshop.

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No sugar
No salt
A year of healthy eating, crazy cardio and weight training
No steroids- the common ones given for building body mass have the sex hormone factored out but your brain doesn’t know that, it just knows you’re slamming testosterone so it starts shutting down your natural production of testosterone which will diminish your sex drive and cause bouts of impotence (limp dick)

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Genetic predisposition would also help.

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Genetic disposition, and maybe being gay.

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To be like an Abercrombie model, you need to be a douche.

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You do simple stuff. 100 situps and 50 pushups a day with a reasonable diet dujour and also some weight lifting stuff with a lot of reps a day. You continue this for about a year and you are ripped. You will lose it faster than you gained it if you stop!

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I don’t necessarly agree with the full body waxing stuff and the questionable group pictures, I just think that it has to be better than having tooth picks for arms and being so flat chested

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many people don’t consider it to be a big factor but you seriously need some cardio put in your routine…cardio tones the body and weights add muscle/bulk. and as mentionned above, lower you intake of sugars and salt. Drink lots of fluids, especially water. You should probably talk to a trainer at your local gym to get a better idea of what you’re looking at here, it takes alot of commitment. Good luck! :)

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Spend less time on Fluther.

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Gym Jones trained the guys from 300 and go into some of the basic philosophies they used here.. the biggest thing is that it’s hard work, and there’s no magic.

They also go into the fact that most folks think there must have been steroids, CGI, or years of training before-hand here…

You can do it… it’s just not easy… so don’t do it for anyone else unless they are right there with you.

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0 body fat and lots of lifting. Eliminate sugar from your diet, eat lots of protein and veg. It’s not that hard. To look like Arnold did in his prime is a different story but just to be lean and ripped is not that difficult.

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how long do you think it would take? 8 months maybe? I’m 6ft tall, weigh 144 pounds,

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@jdogg it also depends on hereditary genes.. i mean if you are not predisposed to be naturally muscular like some guys are, then you’ll have to work harder at it. None of us can tell you how long it should take. Only someone who has assessed you could give you an estimation of how long it should take you to get to your goal.

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@jdogg: how old are you? If you are so light for 6ft then it won’t be as difficult as for someone who’s body has to shed bulked fat like a belly that’s hard from internal fat as well as soft outside goosh. If you get with a trainer then you could do it in a eensy less than 8 months but you’ll probably give yourself stretch marks which you may not like the look and feel of if you bulk too fast. People who’ve been heavier over a time and then shrunk have more ‘stretch’ and won’t scar so much as you might. Stretch marks are scars, they don’t tan as the rest of the body skin and they also don’t ever go away no matter what any fancy creams might say.

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I wouldn’t ever “fake” abs

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sorry, twas a joke. hence the second video

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Wow I had no idea u could get stretch marks :( and to Bhac, I figured do, no big deal :)

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I’m 16, I have a very high metabolism too…

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@jdogg you can definetely get stretch marks if you build muscle mass too quickly.. it happened to a couple of my guy friends.

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and if you’re 16, you should try to get some more protein in your diet(if you don’t already do that), it’s important to your body to build your tissue(muscle) i said before, consult a trainer at a gym.. best thing to do and most of the time, assessments are free.

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Would the marks appear right away or gradually/after?

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usually, gradually.. like any stretch mark, they’re barely visible but over time if your muscles keep getting bigger at a pace that’s too fast to allow your skin to stretch gradually, the stretch marks can become super visible(they can get pink/red or purple)

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Ok, for cardio, do interval workouts. You will get much more bang for the buck. Sprint up and incline, slowly jog or walk down and repeat.

The “Abercrombie” look seems to focus on muscles on the inside and outside of the pelvic region. Take a heavy dumbell or bookbad with lots of books and do sets of 8–12 side dips. For the inside do leg raises if you have the equipment. You really only need a bar to hang from. Go to a park if you have to. Running will take care of the rest of the abs.

For upper body, just do varied types of pushups. Move your stance and incline/ decline levels to hit as many groups as you can. For the shoulders do pushups against the wall, head to the floor. You will need to be doing 200 or so a day, but start slower. Wear a backpack to add weight.

Pull up with palms forward and palms back to work shoulders and biceps.

This should really be a two step process. In the first step, limit yourself to 45 minutes of cardio a week and just bulk up, eat a lot, etc. Stage two really hit the cardio and change your diet to have less fat.

This will get you your look without needing to buy any equipment and can be done at home. Oh, and practice your “douche face” look.

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Is this a serious question?
If it is, please, please, find something more meaningful to focus on….

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it’s a serious question, but I picked a bad example though, hollister/A.F. were the first things that popped into my head

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