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Should I move my furniture across the country? Or is it better to just sell it here?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) February 8th, 2008

I have pretty decent furniture and electronics and am wondering whether I should sell it all, move it with me out-of-state with me, or include it with my place when I rent it out. Do you have any thoughts on this?

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My general inclination would be to sell stuff. Unless it’s a piece you love, it’s rarely worth the cost of shipping, and the time.

That being said, if think you’re going to buy the exact same bed right when you arrive, then it probably is worth shipping. If you’re renting a truck, you could throw in lots of your stuff, but if you have to ship individual items, I’d say sell anything that you’re on the fence about.

It’s also nice to move into a new place with a clean slate.

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It cost me about $2K to move from SF to LA, with bedroom and office furniture. I think really it’s a cost thing.

If you do decide to move, I recommend using The Padded Wagon.

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Depends yes on a few factors. You say “rent it out”. Is that just to clear the lease you have left or are you coming back? If you are renting it out just to clear the lease, I would sell (keeping in mind sometimes renters trash stuff you never know sometimes people suck). If you are RETURNING, i would not ditch the furniture, i would include with lease.

And if you plan to get the deposit back because you are just using up the lease, the management might deduct the price of having to remove your furniture from your damage deposit.

Moving is quite expensive but if you really love your stuff it might make sense. Buying new is pricey, unless you go with used stuff (and would you not rather have your own used stuff than strangers). But getting a good price on your furniture, it depends on how long you have to wait for the perfect buyer. Sometimes a person is lucky if they get 25% of what they paid for it new. But there is always craigslist (did the world RUN before craigs?) or other free online places to sell.

And that $2,000 for Andrew was JUST in California. If you are moving cross country it costs even more. San Fran mmmm she smiles….

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Ok here is my take considering you are moving to a new area ( stressfull ?) I think having all your stuff with you seems best. Be it that you may not have time or you suddenly do not feel good then you will be so much happier knowing you have it all done. Take the money saved and .....well if you need help with that the new neighbors will just love ya! Have fun.

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Sell it. I agree moving it is not cost effective but also it may get damaged in the move then you have paid too much to move old, used, damaged furniture.

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If you want to move it across country, you might try using Amtrak. As I recall, it was more affordable than other places. You basically drive your car there and they weigh your car before/after loading. Pack things well though because things will get tossed around.

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