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How to bevel text for a fun logo?

Asked by Doc_Zola (102points) November 5th, 2009

I’m working on a Candy logo and I see this great bevel on all the products at the grocery store. I’m wondering is there a filter for Adobe illustrator or a stand alone application?

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what version of Illustrator are you using?
for CS4 go to Effect—>3D—>Extrude and Bevel

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I’m using CS4. These just look like clean well thought out bevels. I could be wrong. Can you post images here?

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you can post images using a service such as tinypic or photobucket and place links here

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In Photoshop, select the Layer and click the Effects button. Select Bevel and Emboss, then tweak the settings.

< < remembers having to craft his own bevels from scratch along with caring about the 216 color web-safe palette.

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Been using PS for over a decade so I get the layer effects approach but I’m looking for Vector based graphic out of the deal not a bitmapped one. Though the smart object feature may work now that all the apps in the suite are playing nice, nice.

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Seems like a lot of logos have a similar Bevel –

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How about the Illustrator 3D filter? Is that any better in CS4?

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