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Holy poop, that’s amazing.

I’m guessing this is the product of clever editing of a lot of photos taken with a tripod-mounted camera with a wide angle lens. And also the product of leet flash animation skillz.

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This is done with a digital camera with an iPix kit

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Get more info on iPix here. The one you linked looks great. Many others also allow zooming in and out along with panning up/down left/right. The higher the resolution the camera, the more you can zoom in and out. But that also takes much longer to load into a web viewer.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I don’t think it was made with iPix. When you right click the flash image posted you get an about box for “Pano2VR player” which does something simmilar to IPIX Interactive Studio but for a fraction of the cost.

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Agreed. There are cheaper and better options to iPix these days. As long as fisheye is mounted on pano head, should work fine.

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It does look to be shot through a fisheye lens. Pan around to where the three guys are, and pan up and down the one that is standing. You can see the typical distortion you get from a fisheye.

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Wow! Didn’t know you could pan around. I am not a professional photographer but it has been photo shopped some how. The guy on the left’s hand dissapears into a bolder! I think the light on the mountans looks odd too. Would be interesting to know total magapixles and file size. Also wonder if it has been rendered into some kind of three D. The guys don’t look to be like the rest of the picture and seem like cardboard cutouts and shot with less pixels.

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