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Bought domain name & hosting from same company - not sure what to do next?

Asked by howsueisnow (19points) November 7th, 2009

I recently bought a domain name and a hosting package from a company. I logged into my hosting account and typed in my domain name where it said ‘add domain’. When I type the domain name to look at it on the web the page says it cannot be reached.

I uploaded a index.html page but still that’s not showing up.

When I added my name a window came up saying I had to get registrar details. But if my domain was bought with this company shouldn’t it just… work?

I feel really stupid not being able to work this out, must be obvious for somebody out there? I’d appreciate any help straight away, thank you so much!

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Well, first of all I think that it takes a bit of time for the domain to be linked with a hosting plan while DNS servers are being updated. You’re right though, I would think it should work well right off the bat. Try contacting your hosting provider or looking on their FAQ page – they might have specific instruction on what to do.

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We can offer suggestions, but you’be better off communicating with the tech support people at your hosting company. The reason: if you make a mistake, they can see it, whereas people here can’t.

They’re used to dealing with lots and lots of low level questions.

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Thank you so much for the quick replies! I’ve been scouring their support section to no avail, sent off an email to them and hopefully I’ll hear back Monday.

I wanted to get the site up today but I never imagined I’d find it so difficult – not sure if that’s my fault or theirs :D

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It usually takes between 1 and 3 days for a domain to become active, if you have the IP address you should be able to access it right away, but no one else would have access to that other than you.

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Think I just figured it out – I had to change the DNS names servers to be linked with my hosting packaged. After doing this it said the changes can take a few days to come in to action. Typing the URL in the site doesn’t show up so I’m assuming that in the next few days that’ll come into action :)

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