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Why does my cursor jump around?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) November 7th, 2009

Every now and then my laptop does this weird thing where, when I am typing, my cursor will jump back to something I typed earlier. Basically I’ll be typing along and the word I am typing will end up in some random spot.y It is incredibly annoying! (See that y by the period, it is a result of exactly what I am describing). Any ideas?

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It’s most likely that annoying touch pad that your wrists are touching.

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I was thinking the same thing as Iarumas.

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Try updating the driver for the touchpad. I’m not guaranteeing anything, but it’s an informed hunch.

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Jump up, jump up, and get down.

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Umm…very simple. Clean the touch pad with a paper towel and some mild detergent. It’s dirty.

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It is almost certainly your touchpad. This is only a problem, however, if you have your settings configured so that you can click by tapping on the pad; disable this, and even if your wrists move the cursor around, they won’t be able to click and change where you are typing.

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mine does that too! it’s incredibly annoying and I am using a laser mouse not touchpad

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Mine does that occasionally. I think it’s either from being dirty, or trying to drive me crazy. I usually have to restart the laptop to get it to work.
ahh! and I have an HP as well. It’s a conspiracy

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I find it very scary. My husband has ‘logmein’ and he can take control of my computer from a remote location. The jumping cursor acts exactly the same way, and I wonder if it could be someone else causing it.

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@Ivan stole my answer. Much lurve for remembering that song.

@OP My mouse jumps around because of my bloody touchpad.. or because of a driver that needs to be reinstalled.

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You may be accidentally brushing your cursor pad with your thumb, finger, or palm, causing it to jump sporadically. Practice typing from the sides instead of straight on, or learn to hover your hands over your laptop instead of resting on it.

It could also be a problem with the driver. Some cursors jump when something starts to go wrong.

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I was having that problem, but I took my laptop into Staples for their free tune-up and had them add memory, and now the problem has stopped.

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