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Have you ever taken a food intolerance test? Which type did you take? and What was the outcome?

Asked by nebule (16452points) November 10th, 2009

After years of struggling with IBS I’m thinking about taking a food intolerance test but am aware of the expense and also the controversy about them. However, I have tried pretty much everything and had all sorts of investigative procedures to eliminate anything serious.

I would like to know your story and specifically what type of test you have taken, As far as I am aware there are:

Cytotoxic Blood Testing
The vega-electro acupuncture test
Applied Kinesiology and
Hair Sample Testing

Thank you

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I don’t know the clinical names for the tests I’ve done, but I’ve had allergy testing where they prick the skin inside the arms with different substances to look for a histamine reaction. I’ve also had allergy testing that they drew blood for. Both were negative for food allergies. The skin test said I’m sensitive to maple pollen of the environmental substances, while the blood test was negative for any allergies.

Through life experience, I have determined that I have sulfite sensitivity, due to a long history of reaction to wine, and a recent reaction to skin care products containing sulfites.

My mother has Celiac sprue, which was diagnosed about 10 years ago by intestinal biopsy. Shortly after that, they discovered that they can test for antibodies for gluten intolerance. Although the condition can be hereditary, they won’t test me since I’m asymptomatic.

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I don’t know the specific tests they ran on me when I was little, but I had to avoid several foods throughout childhood at risk of severe reactions, as did my siblings. It was different foods, however, so my mother had a really tough time feeding us all the same things. With sensitivities to eggs (me), butter (my brother) and wheat (my sister) she had a heck of a time baking birthday cakes.

The cheapest way to find out what foods you may be sensitive to is to reduce your diet down to a few things you know you can handle, and then one by one gradually add in other foods.

As an adult, a number of food sensitivities were diagnosed in me by use of the skin test on my back as well as by the blood test. Some were the ones from childhood, while others were ones I hadn’t been aware of. However, now I know to avoid or limit them, so I am doing much better. I ended up with an 8½×11, single-spaced typed page of things I need to either avoid altogether or limit. It has gotten better since I did the desensitization shots for about 8 years.

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This sounds interesting I too suffer from IBS and would like to know what causes it. I kept a food diary once that helped a little. If you end up taking this food test let me know how it goes and what you did. Good Luck!

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I had a drawn-blood allergy test done when I was about 8. No major allergies, just minor ones to grapefruit, pinto beans, and a few others that I can’t remember. My parents were told these allergies were mild enough that they would go away if I ate enough of these foods.

I never liked grapefruit much as a kid, but I do like pinto beans. I started to eat grapefruit and drink the juice increasingly as I got older. It’s interesting because I have always been able to eat pinto beans with no problems whatsoever, but I have had some odd emotional reactions to grapefruit right around age 20, but never again after that.

I also have IBS, never thought of getting tested for food sensitivities.

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I haven’t taken one yet, but am seriously considering it in the New Year, because I’m going through hell on this new medication they’ve given me…. it’s ridiculous… will keep you informed xxx

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