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I need a list of all of the cheesiest, most overused, played out terms and phrases from Web 2.0, social media, and business in general. Can you help?

Asked by testtoast99 (80points) November 11th, 2009

I am giving a speech at a conference and I want to tease the prior speakers for their nausea-inducing reliance about terribly overused buzzwords from the realm of the web and social media. I have been taking notes as to some of the things send, but would love your passive-aggressive contributions. Thanks!

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

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Don’t burn your bridges.

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Thinking outside the box.

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Be proactive.

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Putting customers first
We’re here to serve you

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What’s your audience, specifically? The internet and business have way different overused phrases. For business, I’d say using “challenge” or “opportunity” as euphemisms for “problem” are some of the worst.

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“Our greatest asset is our people”

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can I haz hamburger?
nom, nom, nom

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i- or e- anything.

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“post-modern world”

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AJAX, Django, Folksonomy, Ruby on Rails, The Cloud, Mashup, Framework, Gradient, Rounded corners, Aggregator, Perpetual Beta, OpenAPI, DataDriven, Pay Per Click.

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Phishing , Make it Pop, Bizmeth, Anything 2.0, Nano, Viral, Convergence Web 2.0 Green Global economy blogosphere

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At the end of the day
Paradigm shift
Finger on the pulse
Ex post facto
soft launch
apps apps and more apps
Multitasker (who isn’t these days?)

I agree with make it pop. I’m totally sick of that one. “Wow, the gold against the green really makes it pop.”

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Crowd sourcing, wiki, viral, dynamic (always overused), organic (disgustingly overused), long tail, paradigm shift, synergy, p2p, critical mass, user generated content,...

And what’s up with real-time?!?

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@Cartman Your list is very on point.

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“synergy” horribly overused. Also adding “centric” to anything…

The synergistic relationship between the sales-centric departments with marketing-centric departments allowed us to analyze the effect of web 2.0 on the douche nozzle industry. Blah blah blah…

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It is what it is – I hate that phrase and everyone is using it about everything these days! Enough!

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@SarasWhimsy But what are you going to do? It is what is is…

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Taking it to a whole new level.

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Value Added

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add value
tee it up (in reference to beginning a presentation)
i don’t want to take too much time (then proceeding to take too much time)

- pretty much anything alec baldwin says on 30 Rock

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1337 hax0r n00bz.

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There’s no “I” in team.

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any alternative spelling of the word “Fuck” to get around content moderation, god that annoys the hell out of me

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“social networks will be like air” “wearable web” “killer apps” “twitter”

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oh wait. also “social” “web” “social web” “context” “contextual web” “reatime” “realtime web”

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@Nimis GA, I DESPISE the term ‘proactive’.

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@aprilsimnel, ‘impactful’ makes me want to punch someone.

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@peedub well thank you. I used a bunch of these in the same sentence for a business plan I wrote recently. I put a footnote at the end saying: “Buzzwords…”

No one either noticed or complained. A sad state of affairs.

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@Cartman, what does “long tail” mean?

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GQ Lurve @testtoast99

It’s cool to know that so many others have a sense of this sort of thing. I thought it was just me (sniff!)

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@stratman37 From Chris Anderson mostly: Long tail

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thanx, it looks like I’m already “out of the loop”! And I like it!

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I hate it when bosses tell people to “multitask.” I’m not a frigging computer. I don’t multitask!

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