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Does anyone have travel tips for Kauai, Hawaii?

Asked by occ (4083points) November 11th, 2009

If you’ve been to Kauai, Hawaii, I’m curious to hear any tips, suggestions, etc…what part of the island to stay on, hiking suggestions, great places to go snorkeling, and any other great activity ideas. Also, is there whale-watching there this time of year? Any recommendations are appreciated!

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I went on an amazing hike through the red, dusty (yet still very green) mountains that are all over the garden island. I recommend you bring the hiking boots and a camera!

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Kalalau Trail if you’re not afraid of heights

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I agree with @mirifique….if you have several days and are in very good shape, the Kalalau trail is spectacular from trail head to trail end. I did it about 30 years ago and it is still very vivid in my memory. The cave at the.end of the trail is incredible. I had a good pair of hiking boots and was in good shape but the hike was quite a challenge in spots. It is, however, a very worthwhile experience. Enjoy!
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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That site actually suggests that if you are acrophobic, you should use a blindfold have a friend guide you through the treacherous spots.



I mean, is that a thing? That people actually do?

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@mirifique…..There are spots where you can not even get a full foot hold. I can not imagine anyone doing that blindfolded….that is insane. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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One of my favorite spots on Kauai is the Kilauwea Point National Wildlife Refuge. Seeing the huge albatrosses run down the cliff and fall off to achieve flight is something I have never forgotten. in addition, the waves breaking against the cliffs are spectacular there.

Waimea Canyon is another wonderful place to go. The colors are breathtaking.

Stop at a guava plantation to taste the fresh fruit. Because of the ripening cycle, this wonderful fruit is not available fresh outside of where it is grown. Get some guava jam to take home too!

Check out the small market of vendors at the Spouting Horn blowhole (worth seeing in and of itself). They had reasonably priced jewelry of good quality.

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