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Is genetically modified meat sold in the US?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) February 12th, 2008
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While I can’t answer that question honestly, I do know that the beef and chicken here are fed copious amounts of genetically modified corn. While the modifications aren’t particularly bad for the animals, they do have numerous bad effects on the agricultural world. Cows also have a terrible time digesting corn as their only food source in the wild are grasses.

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I have heard that meat from cloned animals will be sell in U.S.A. soon. Technically it appears that this meat contains the same molecules than the original.

I don’t know if this kind of meat is called “genetically modified”.
In france, genetically modified corn culture was frozen few weeks ago. But now there is a real taboo about this. Corn is the only genetically modified vegetable allowed to be cultivated on french ground.

For me, OGM (french acronym for genetically modified stuffs) are really a bad thing to let tu our future generations, because we don’t have any retreat on this based on long scientific experiments.

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There have been a couple of studies released that find that many, many offspring of cloned animals are in the food industry and that is likely that clones have found their way into the food supply. Most researchers admit that there is really no way to track it.

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Selling cloned meat was recently approved in the US but it has yet to be sold in this counrty. It does not have to be labeled either. SCARY!! We don’t know the long term effects of consuming the stuff.

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Hey. GMO (genetically modified organism) is not the same as cloned animals. But speaking of cloned animals, yes, meat from such animals can be as of 15th January sold in the US.

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So cloned meat yes, but actually gmo meat no? Is that what I’m hearing?

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I think that’s right. Clones are approved but not GM meat.

“The F.D.A. is turning to transgenic animals after having tentatively declared in December that milk and meat from livestock that is cloned — but not otherwise genetically manipulated — was safe for people to eat.”

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What exactly is cloned meat? I mean. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to breed two cows as too extract DNA and make a clone? Or am I still behind the times?

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No “breeding” is needed when cloning. Whether or not thats the reason, I have no clue. It may be to replicate good cow genes.

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What do you think mcdonalds and burger king meat is made out of. All of their beef is genetically modified from the begining by feeding the animals with geneticaly modified grains, and then pumping the animals full of hormones and steroids. if you dont believe me, look it up. Or you can watch the gross, yet strangly entertaining movie “Super Size Me”.

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most meat in the US is genetically modified in one way or another. unless you are buying your meat from small sustainable farms at farmers markets or some specialty butchers. the animals are modified through selective breeding, light manipulation, hormones and antibiotics throughout their lives. Eating Animals, by Jonathon Safron Foer is an excellentbook to find out more about the sad, current state of the meat industry.

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