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What is your Theory of God?

Asked by Resistka (160points) November 14th, 2009

There is Creationism, Evolution, Reincarnation, or simply we’re just here.. Possibly maybe you have your own theory. Where do you stand on this.

Here is what I think, God does exist, He does not control life, but does control exsistance. I believe all of the bible.

You live to live in the afterlife, your invitation? Belief in god, and acceptance.

How about you guys?

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Oh, my theory is that he does not exist, based on the fact that most of what is allegedly “divine knowledge” (such as a flat earth, solid skydome, geocentrism, etc) has been proven wrong and by association the claims of the existence of the god that supposedly provided these lies is equally dubious.

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I also think, Why not believe in god? Cause if you die you will go to heaven if he is real, If he is not, then what can be worse? you lye in the ground… Though it must be tough to try and force yourself to believe in something you actually dont.

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I believe in a God but not in any particular religion. To think that he would focus his attention on us, with the almost infinite space around us, is kinda self-centered.

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only if you ignore all the other gods humans have believed in and their afterlife punishment for humans who did not worship them.
in other words, what if you worship the wrong god?

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Evolution is not a theory of God.

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Also, please don’t try to pull Pascal’s Wager on us.

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I don’t believe there is any one thing. However I do think there is something. I do think there is some sort of power somewhere. I just do. I don’t know what to call it. I don’t think we are alone in our lives and misery, I think there is something, somewhere, looking out for us. And I think the bible is an interpretation of the times in which it was written and I don’t believe it is the actual word of anything. just saying. imo

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@Ivan You don’t tell me =P

I kidd

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My version of belief is a deity known as Evelynism. Evelyn is a 300 foot tall dark skinned woman with six breasts. Sure, it sounds ludicrous, but not any more than any other invented religion, and they are all invented by humans.

Everyone is born atheist; religion is a learned behavior.

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I believe in a higher power. I do not know what that higher power is but I have ideas. (I really don’t need to know, it doesn’t bother me one bit to not know). One idea that I enjoy is that our presence/energy creates the higher power who in turn feeds us with it/creates us. I also believe in the power of prayer. My actual spiritual beliefs/ceremonies come from my Native American culture, some are tribe specific and some are pan-indian. Native people, from my experience, have a really broad view of Creator that is not so narrowly defined as many other ‘religions’. I also pick up bits and pieces of belief systems from others and I evaluate and decide if that is something I want to add to my own or not. I would say I am quite eclectic, lol.

Also may I add that I respect others religions, spiritualities, and non-belief. I don’t think my way is the right way or only way by any means.

I can’t believe I answered this. I normally try to keep this away from Fluther for obvious reasons.

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His name is Tim

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You say you believe all of the bible. So you believe in slavery, homosexuals should be put to death, a woman who commits adultery should be stoned to death?

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Everything is everything.

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@RedPowerLady well, I for one am glad you decided to put your two cents in here. Every answer that addresses the question is a good answer. I gave you a GA.

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none. end of story =P

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Thank you! I’ll have to be sure to include Evelyn in my next theological thinking session, as a sign of gratitude of course, lol :)

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It’s a really exciting idea. But come on.

Nah, I’m agnostic. This means I haven’t taken the time to extrapolate a ‘Theory of God’ because doing so is not one of my priorities.

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That there probably isn’t one.

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@Blondesjon, lurve the new avatar.

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While I believe there is a higher power out there somewhere, I have absolutely no idea as to who/what that might be although it is rumoured Her name is Evelyn

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For some reason, God needs me to not believe in him to help prove he is real.

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I believe in the God of the Bible. I do not believe in slavery or that homosexuality should be punished by stoning. I do not believe that it is a sin to eat shellfish.
I think people misunderstand a lot of the Bible, and that much of it is a history, not a guide to today, though there is a lot of that in there.
I think God is all powerful, and loves you all. Even @Blondesjon.

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@filmfann any God that loves @Blondesjon would have to be quite powerful I’d think. =)

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If there is a god, then he/she is all the same one, just with different marketing strategies for different groups.

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There is no god. There is no afterlife. We have no purpose other than what we choose for ourselves. This is your only shot—make it count.

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God is the Father of our spirits. He also created this world so we could come here to learn and grow. He loves us as children and wants us to have the eternal happiness that He enjoys. Our physical bodies are patterned after His body. His ultimate purpose and happiness comes by helping His children (us) to become immortal just like He is and receive eternal life, the greatest He can give to His children (us).

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@Darwin – I love that answer.

I personally don’t know what I believe or not, I don’t worry about it, I just try to lead my life in the best way I can. And just in case, I do believe in insurance so when something good happens to me I send a quick thought of thanks skyward to Evelyn or who/whatever __just might__ reside there.

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My belief is that the “God” creature everyone worships is really just “Truth” itself. “Truth” is like the sun to ancient/unsophisticated man. worshipers are in awe at things that seem true and they personify it and given it a name: “God.”

My understanding of things is that whatever is actually true in the universe technically functions as our ruler. The laws of physics, essentially, are “God” and/or “God’s will.” Metaphorically speaking of course.

For example, it could be my desire to get to work on time, but if an accident happens on the road it could prevent me from doing what i want. The facts of the universe ultimately control everyone.

God = The universe and everyone/everything in it.

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I believe in a higher power but like @Haroot said I don’t believe one particular religion is the “true religion” because I also believe what @Darwin said about all Gods being the same one.

I also accept evolution and do not believe that to believe in God means you can’t accept evolution and vice versa. Evolution could have been part of God’s plan all along. He just set the ball rolling for us to develop.

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Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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@boffin Why is this only the first time I have heard of Pastafarianism, that’s what I want to know, where has the Flying Spaghetti Monster been all my life? So many things makes sense now… Lurve for enlightening me.

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@boffin but you already did…

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I like @filmfann ‘s response. Alot. But I also like to add that I had all my doubts about a God existing disappear when I was there to witness the birth of my first so. My view is also quite different from my church’s take on it. Like a wise pastor once said, “If you agree with everything that a church is saying, maybe you are in the wrong church. After all to quote Bono “God has some strange children.” (I think)

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Sometimes I believe in God, and sometimes I don’t.

When I do believe in God, I imagine him as something huge that none of us could ever possibly understand. He can’t really be all-powerful either, but he tries pretty damn hard. That’s how I accommodate the existence of evil when I’m in a believing mood, at least.

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My version of God, is severalfold:
The version we inherited from the Bible (or any religion that depicts a flesh male deity). That concept exists either because it is:

1.) An all-inclusive type concept that was purposely condensed into one definitive, authoritative human form, so that people could understand, and obey more easily. or,

2.) A misinterpretation by our ancient ancestors. They thought they saw a divine being, when they really saw an ancient astronaut from another planet, coming to add and subtract features from the then current situation.

Then there’s a separate concept, as far as the force of Creation is concerned. Creation is everything that exists or can exist. Creation simultaneously: exists, as it is now, and creates, that which did not exist before. Creation is an ongoing process, and it happens everywhere all the time. The universe is filled with potential energy, and the universe’s goal is fulfilling that potential energy in the most efficient way possible. Thats why we or anything exists. To improve upon the last thing that existed, and fulfill the potential energy latent in every part of the universe. The universe’s, or creation’s entire goal is improvement, awareness, and perfection.

Some things to look in to, to demonstrate this “Self-Aware Universe” concept: the Holographic Universe, Dr. Emoto (and his emotive water cystals), the Secret Life of Plants, etc. Too much material…

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god is energy because all in the macro and micro universe are energy the sciense accept all we can prove so they not accept the spiritual energy, ok. you want proof? we are the proof because we have spirit inside of us, and we all are energy, my concept of gad is that he made every thing the spiritual universe too,when we die we retur to the spiritual world where we come from, why? because, this extraordinary body and mind was done for to live eternity in the future the spiritual and fisical sciences will be recognized for all the mankind god is no in every place is inside of us how is represented? as a light.we are light.

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@bruno10 Did God teach you how to spell and punctuate correctly?

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Whatever god is, it is not the all knowing, all powerful being described by the dessert religions.

If there was a force that started the Big Bang, that force could be considered god. So the god started the Big Bang and disappeared in the explosion.

Another theory is that if there actually was a god, it is uninvolved with our fair and is completely apathetic to our pain, doubt, and suffering so it for all the good it does, it might as well not exist at all.

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Know thyself.

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