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I need to send a package to Switzerland from the United States.

Asked by jrpowell (40524points) February 13th, 2008

What method would be the cheapest and fastest? I’m looking for a smooth blend of both. I don’t want it to take months or make me late on paying rent.

It is a 5×7 picture frame and a paperback book.

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This doesn’t really answer your question but from my own personal experiences, DHL is the fastest and most reliable way to ship internationally.It costs a little bit more, but their delivery time is unbelievable and I like the fact that they even have an option to track your shipment across the globe

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Really, regular USPS airmail is probably your best bet.

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even though i am in canada, i have lots of experience with shipping. i used to buy tons
on ebay and sellers used to lecture me about what a risk i was taking. poppycock. i got EVERYTHING if a seller actually sent it (oh yes i had my share of rip off artists).

and nothing except maybe one thing was lost and i received items from all over the world regular airmail. its all dependent on size and weight of course. Canada has among the MOST EXPENSIVE shipping in the world (oh yes one more reason this place sxxxs…)

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Global Express Guaranteed® $28.50 and up 1–3 Days
Express Mail International® $22.00 and up 3–5 Days
Priority Mail® International $16.00 and up 6–10 Days
First-Class Mail® International $0.69 and up

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