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What is the movie "Shutter" going to be about?

Asked by xcourtneyxcupcakesx (58points) February 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I saw the poster for it but I’m too lazy to look up details

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Didn’t it take more effort to ask this question than to look up the movie on imdb?

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probably… But I felt like asking about it on here.

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might as well. This is a question asking website, where the entire point is to ask questions so you can get info and thoughts from peers. I say feel free to ask whatever you want whenever you want! :) but as for the question, I dunno, google that sheot!

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Yeah, I’d tell you, but I’m too lazy.

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thank you Randolph.

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It’s a remake of a Thai movie that frankly shouldn’t have been remade but marketed to the American public as is, I guess we are too lazy to read subtitles.

Cliff Notes version without spoiling: Guy and girl get in a wreck on the way home. Bad things start happening to friends and he starts seeing weird stuff especially in his photography (his trade). Neck problems seem to creep up on him the whole movie and a ghost starts warning the girl. People die, ghosts haunt, carnage of peoples lives ensues.

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I watched this on pay per view the other night and it was pretty freaky. I actually liked it for some strange reason. jlelandg did a nice synopsis

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I shutter to think what it would be about.
It’s probably a horror film I suppose.

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