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Does anyone know where on the internet I can find the Oprah/Palin interview?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) November 17th, 2009

Hi…I don’t live in the US…so I couldn’t watch it…but I want to see this. I don’t think Oprah has the show (only the after-show) on her website. It’s not on YouTube…last I looked. (Just the previews.)


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Likeradar's avatar also has lots of clips of it posted.

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Are you a glutton for punishment?

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Did you go to;? They usually have video clips or text synopses of the shows.

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@pdworkin: I know I can’t stand listening to Oprah!

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The highlight was when Palin gave an open invitation for Levi Johnston to attend Thanksgiving dinner at “Aunt Katie’s” house, if there is an Aunt Katie and if Levi knows where she lives.

Why did the media make such a big deal about him going to Thanksgiving dinner with the Palins? Really! Who cares?

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I watched the whole thing on Youtube yesterday.

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@drdoombot As if she would have invited him on national TV if it was genuine. I wonder if that woman blinks without premeditation.

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@Likeradar: From what I saw, it seemed like she was kind of goaded into it while in front of the camera, not that it was her own idea…

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So Palin doesn’t believe in evolution, eh?
What a surprise.

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Uh, thank you….I think.


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Here’s another You Tube link. Be sure to watch it NOW… streamed episodes of Oprah quickly disappear when Harpo gives YouTube their weekly takedown notices

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Check out the Alaskan Blogs. There are about 10 good ones that are fact checking her. These should get you started, do a search on these:

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