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Has anyone noticed that news people on TV are purposely mispronouncing "Library"?

Asked by filmfann (52144points) May 1st, 2013

At first I thought it was a gag by one journalist, but I swear nearly every news reporter talking about the Bush Presidential Library are calling it the Lie-berry.
Has anyone else heard this, or am I going crazy.
yes, I realize both answers can be yes.

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Can you be more pacific?

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@bkcunningham If there were an Answer of the Day, you should win it for that. :)

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hee hee Thank you, @glacial. I’ve felt silly for two days straight. I think it is spring fever. Sorry, @filmfann.

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It’s to prevent the terists from findin it in the phonebook and use their evil strategery to bomb it with nuculer weapons cuz they’re just jealous of evrathin we got.

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Relax, it’s an inside joke that the pointy haired bosses of big corporate media conglomerates haven’t gotten yet. Reporters have got to cover the oxymoron of the “Bush Library” and they can’t point out that it is an oxymoron without getting fired by those who profit from preserving all of Bush’s lies.

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I haven’t been watching any news lately. Can you find a clip?

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Is it still Febuary?
I am behind.

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This is a soapbox of mine. TV newscasters have become entertainers (as was predicted by one of the greatest news men of all, Edward R. Murrow), and more and more of them seem to have gotten more training in makeup and hairstyling than diction and grammar. Some examples of news bloopers.

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Are they pronouncing it “lah-berry” in the customary Southern dialect to mock George Bush?

It’s a conspiracy :P

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And the people who work in it are from Liberia.

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